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Prisync Gift: Invite a Friend and Win a Prisync Gift Card

If you landed on this page, you definitely caught the chance of winning Amazon gift cards from Prisync. Let me explain the details to you.

As you can guess, getting advice from a friend about a service always increases the likelihood of using that service for your business. Yes, we’re thinking the same and that’s why we have started this campaign.

So, if you introduce us to your friends from other e-commerce companies and if they become our customer, we’ll be giving you an Amazon gift card with the amount of one-month subscription fee of your friend! (let’s assume that your friend started a premium plan subscription, then you’ll be winning a gift card of $129 on Amazon) How does that sound to you? It’s great, isn’t it? 🙂

Of course, we’re aware of the fact that Prisync is a service to track your competitors and it’s meaningless to introduce us to your competitors from the same market but we think that you can introduce us to your friends that are working in different markets from you!

Do you have already someone in your mind?

PS: There is not any limitation on the time and the number of people that you can introduce us to for this special Prisync gift!


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