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Return Customers: A Source of Higher E-Commerce Revenue

If you have experience in the e-commerce business, you’d probably know that the return customers are your best friend. Of course, every business owner seeks to add new customers to the client list but keep in mind that keeping them is equally important.

A high conversion rate is crucial for any successful online business, but it’s also much more costly than keeping the good old customers. Don’t assume that they will be loyal to you forever, and devote some of your time to make sure they are satisfied.

Why you must focus on retaining repeat customers? Let’s find out.

Repeat customers spend more

Repeat customers trust your brand. They know the quality of your products, therefore they won’t be surprised at what will come up from their next purchase. They also don’t have security concerns when it comes to shopping in your store. These factors contribute to the amount they are willing to spend on your website.

Now that we agree on the importance of pleasing your regular customers, let’s look at how you can make sure they will return.

Set fair prices

One of the key elements of building brand loyalty is offering fair prices. Naturally, customers look for good prices when they shop online since they can instantly compare numerous prices from different stores.

To make customers return to your store, try to offer good prices in a consistent manner.

Offer personal discounts

Repeat customers deserve personal discounts more than any other customer. Even if you can’t afford to give out high-percentage discounts to every customer, you can give small discounts to loyal customers, which account for a big proportion of your revenue.

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Make sure your packages are pleasant

One way to show how much you value your old customers is to present your products in a pleasant way. Sloppy packaging will be perceived as indifference, and it will impair your brand image.

Add little gifts if you can. They don’t have to be expensive, heart-warming small presents will do. Chinese fashion brands selling on Aliexpress have been putting small gifts into product packages for years, and customers seem to love it. Even if the gifts are considerably small, customers love to see they are valued.

Provide perfect customer support

Chatbots are crucial in maintaining a long-term relationship with customers. Your customers need to know they can count on you when they face a problem. Especially if you sell sophisticated products or services, customers will need constant support. Livechat is another option you can consider, but it can cost you more if you want to provide 24-hours live support.

Request feedback

Repeat customers return to your store because they are satisfied with your service. But there is always room for growth. You must find out the shortages of the online shopping experience your store offers.

But don’t forget that negative feedback is beneficial coming from both happy and unhappy customers.

Furthermore, positive feedback can also improve UX, in that it can help you focus on perfecting the already popular features on your website.

Key Takeaways

Repeat customers mean the world to you. They generate most of your sales revenue, and they cost much less than the new customers. They trust your brand already, and by following these steps, you can make them return again:

  • Set fair prices because customers can easily detect the better prices thanks to CSEs
  • Offer personal discounts to make repeat customers know that you appreciate they choose you
  • Make sure your packaging is pleasant to show that you care about them
  • Perfect your customer support, use chatbots or Livechat operating 24-hours
  • To constantly improve UX, request feedback and work on your website’s shortages

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