Adult E-Commerce: How to Sell Online for Pleasure

Adult E-Commerce: How to Sell Online for Pleasure

August 3, 2016

The e-commerce market has many colorful aspects when you take a look at it. One of them is the sex toy e-commerce market. There are many adults who are looking to add some color to their bedroom and many e-commerce businesses are providing them with a variety of pleasurable devices or clothes of their choice. Adult e-commerce is the endgame here. Let’s take a look at the kinky side of e-commerce.

Sex may still be a taboo for some communities or people but it is not a shy subject when it comes to the e-commerce market of sex toys. Sex toys have existed for centuries. According to a myth, Cleopatra had a papyrus box filled with bees to pleasure herself. At one point in history, vibrators were used to cure a pseudo-syndrome of female hysteria. It is no surprise that sex toys found their way to establish a place in everybody’s life. Also, the bestseller books of 50 Shades of Grey were a pr point for sex toys’ establishment in popular culture.

Adult E-commerce

The sex toy e-commerce market has started out as a niche market but ended up becoming a $15 billion industry which is expected to reach $50 billion by 2020. Amazon has 60000 adult sex toys within its stock as we speak. There are many categories within the market of sex toys. Most popular products today are:

  • Vibrator
  • Rubber Penis
  • Lubrication
  • Anal Beads
  • Penis Rings
  • Rubber Vagina
  • Blindfolds/Feathers
  • Harness/ Strap-on Penis
  • Furry Handcuffs
  • Bondage gear

In adult novelty or sex toys e-commerce businesses it is important to create an image and awareness towards sexual health and it should also welcome people from any race, gender, and sexual orientation. It is, of course, possible to specialize only for women or men when you are providing your products.

The internet has the biggest role in this expanding market. The main topic being sex was a little intimidating towards people back in the day since the only way you could acquire sex toys was through brick and mortar businesses. Thanks to internet and the e-commerce market people are able to purchase any item of their choice and they can do it in the privacy of their own home. Brick and mortar can provide a chance to interact and see the product in front of you however online purchases are discreet, convenient and private which is more appealing to consumers.

Since the online purchases cannot provide the brick and mortar experience it is crucial that the product descriptions are detailed. Also, customer reviews become more important as well. Since people do not have a salesperson helping them pick a product they will rely on other customers’ reviews. Also, social media has a weight in terms of advertisement. According to Chad Braverman, COO of Doc Johnson, social media allows them to interact with customers and advertise their business to the masses. He also mentions that traditional advertising channels can be banned from sex toys or adult businesses. Also, you can check out this piece for a sex toy e-commerce business’s journey and tactics to reach out to its customers. If you are interested in entering the sex toy e-commerce market or increasing sales in your already existing business you might want to check this detailed article as well.

All in all, it is clear that the adult sex toy market has surpassed many expectations and it happened thanks to the internet and e-commerce. We will keep on sharing interesting e-commerce markets with you. See you next time!

The adult sex toy e-commerce market is a growing market thanks to online purchases.

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