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Interactive Landing Pages
July 22, 2020

How to Create Interactive Landing Pages That’ll Increase Conversions

Being successful with your business online is a matter of visibility and making a significant impact since the very first contact with your brand. Do you know that interactive landing pages can be the perfect… Continue Reading

How to Write an Incredible eBook to Boost Your Online Sales
February 10, 2020

How to Write an Incredible eBook to Boost Your Online Sales

You have a new product. You're looking for new ways to attract customers, make sales, and establish your brand. There are many ways creating an eBook can help. You may want to write a book… Continue Reading

High-Converting Landing Pages To Boost your Magento Store Sales
January 22, 2020

High-Converting Landing Pages To Boost your Magento Store Sales

The success of an e-commerce store is usually connected to the number of new customers it can generate and how well it can manage to retain them. However, getting more sales isn’t always as easy… Continue Reading

Thank You Page: How to boost your Shopify store sales with a simple detail
November 4, 2019

Shopify Thank You Page: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Design

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes Table of contents Why should you optimize your Shopify thank you page?Getting new customers is expensiveRepeat customers make bigger purchasesRepeat sales increase revenueWays to optimize the Shopify thank you pageInclude… Continue Reading

Creating Magnetic Content to Boost your Online Store’s Traffic
October 18, 2019

Creating Magnetic Content: to Boost your Online Store’s Traffic

Content marketing benefits your e-commerce business in multiple ways. It helps you rank higher on Google, build prelateships with customers, and earn backlinks and shares. Above all, you will boost your website traffic and increase… Continue Reading

Magento Product Reviews How to Generate More E-Commerce Product Reviews
April 11, 2019

Magento Product Reviews: Tips for Generating More

Reviews are an important aspect of running an e-commerce store. If you run a Magento store, you need to think about deploying reviews on your site to generate more sales. But knowing how to do… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Blogging Best Practices and Mistakes to Avoid
March 15, 2019

E-Commerce Blogging: Best Practices and Mistakes to Avoid

As an e-commerce brand, your goal is to drive as much targeted traffic as you can to your store—most of which, ideally, should turn into paying customers. You can initiate this by going after paid… Continue Reading

June 6, 2016

E-Commerce Videos: 5 Type of Videos that Work

Imagine you’re working in retail. You’re a salesperson at a sporting goods store. On an average day you see hundreds of different shoppers: those who came with a specific sneaker model or brand in mind ready to buy, those who hunt for special prices and offers, those who came to browse and kill time… Then there’s also shoppers who know… Continue Reading

Content Marketing 4 Critical Mistakes
May 10, 2016

Content Marketing: 4 Critical Mistakes

Many e-commerce businesses have started heavily investing in content marketing for some time. That is great news, as it shows that business owners are willing to place their trust in this marketing strategy. After all,… Continue Reading