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Best (Free) Shopify Apps To Help You Run Your E-Commerce Store
July 30, 2019

Free Shopify Apps: What We’ve Discovered

Shopify is a powerful platform you can use to run your e-commerce store. But with the addition of free Shopify apps you have the chance to take your store to new capabilities and the best… Continue Reading

Magento Marketing Extensions 7 Extensions you Need to Grow Your Store
May 7, 2019

Magento Marketing Extensions: 7 Essential Extensions

There are a range of Magento marketing extensions on the marketplace you can use to grow your store. When a developer creates a specific extension based on an existing business process, they submit it to… Continue Reading

Top Magento Extensions: Boost Your E-Commerce Store in 2019
May 3, 2019

Top Magento Extensions: Boost Your E-Commerce Store in 2019

Magento has achieved a great hike by offering a variety of choices for business owners to promote and expand their businesses. Now sustaining a solid customer base has become much more difficult for businesses because… Continue Reading

Best Shopify Apps to Boost Sales
May 2, 2019

Shopify Sales Apps: Best Apps In Our Opinion

Running a Shopify store, you come across various articles on strategies to boost sales. With all the different methods, software tools, and apps you hear about every other day, it’s hard to know what to… Continue Reading

Mobile-Commerce 04
February 22, 2018

Mobile Commerce Apps: Why is an App Crucial for Great UX

Over the past several years if there has been any e-commerce buzzword hotter than the disruption caused by m-commerce, well, please let us know. Other e-commerce topics may have enjoyed 10 minutes of your time,… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Pwas
February 15, 2018

E-Commerce PWAs: Top 5 Apps Analyzed

E-commerce PWAs (progressive web apps) are becoming a promising new concept for web development which can rapidly improve the web experience. Here we present 5 examples of top E-commerce PWAs with the results they achieved… Continue Reading

Shopify Apps 02
August 8, 2017

Shopify Apps: Most Reviewed Apps in 2017

Shopify means more than a platform for e-commerce merchants. It is easy-to-use, affordable and covers almost every pain point of e-commerce business from marketing automation to check-out processes. We've put together most reviewed Shopify Apps… Continue Reading

Management Tools
June 30, 2017

Management Tools: E-Commerce Business Expansion

eCommerce is a very popular business model today, and there are a lot of small businesses that are looking to mimic the success of giants such as eBay, Alibaba, and Amazon. However, smaller ecommerce businesses… Continue Reading

Exit Intent
April 20, 2017

Exit Intent Plugins: 10 Amazing Plugins for E-commerce

Let’s start this blog post with 2 striking facts; Did you know that 98% of your visitors leave your website without doing anything and over 70% of people who leave your website will never return?… Continue Reading

Nps Tools
January 5, 2017

NPS Tools: What’s Net Promoter Score [+ 9 Software for E-commerce]

Optimizing customer experience on the online site is one of the pain points that almost every e-commerce involvers face because of the analyzing complex data. But, thanks to the fascinating side of having an online… Continue Reading