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January 19, 2023

Prepare Your Business with the 2023 Retail Calendar for a More Profitable Year

From international holidays to awareness days there are various themes in a year. Whether you are a brick-and-mortar or Ecommerce retailer it’s worth celebrating and creating marketing campaigns around special days. That's why you need… Continue Reading

September 7, 2022

Online Retail Trends: Noteworthy Advancements from 2022

Whether you’re running a DTC ecommerce store, or selling your products through distributors, it’s time to think closely about the online retail trends that matter right now.  In this post, we’re going to look at… Continue Reading

social media platforms to promote your online store - girl standing in front of the screen
July 20, 2022

Social Media Strategies: 9 Methods to Promote Your Store in 2022

Online stores demand a digital approach to marketing and social media is one of the most solid and promising platforms to promote your e-commerce business in the upcoming 2022. More than half of the global… Continue Reading

August 11, 2021

6 Tips for Using Video Content on Your E-commerce Site

E-commerce is one of the growing industries over the past few years. Thanks to the ever-growing technology that makes access to the internet easier, people can shop right from the comfort of their home.  If… Continue Reading

August 10, 2021

Give Your Customers Options & Control in These 13 Simple Ways

Chipotle Mexican Grill didn’t reach nearly $6 billion in annual revenue because it’s a fast, casual Mexican restaurant.  When we explore the psychological triggers behind why people buy Chipotle, we see one consistent pattern. Customers… Continue Reading

Competitor Mistakes
August 4, 2021

How to Make the Most of Your Competitors’ Slip-ups

Being involved in business can be fulfilling, satisfying, and empowering. Organizing your teams, setting up the organization to succeed, achieving financial targets. These are the things that make it all worth it. However, business can… Continue Reading

July 13, 2021

Marketing Mix: Why Is Pricing the Most Important Pillar

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes Table of contentsWhat exactly is the marketing mix?ProductPlacePeopleProcessPhysical evidencePromotionPriceWhat is the influence of online web shops on the relevance of pricing in the marketing mix?The influence of pricing on marketingPricing… Continue Reading

July 1, 2021

Meet the AutoMates | Automation Will Bring You Success in Ecommerce

Do you know what's one thing that brought many companies success? The power of automation. When you think of automation, time and cost savings come to mind immediately. But it's so much more than that.… Continue Reading

Market Your Products to Gen Z
May 20, 2021

How To Market Your Products To Gen Z

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes Brands targeting Gen Z need to look beyond the confines of traditional segmentation, the ultimate priority always has to be on alignment that helps us cultivate relationships with youth culture… Continue Reading

Bounce Rates
March 18, 2021

20 Areas of Improvement To Reduce Magento Bounce Rates

You work hard to attract shoppers to your e-commerce store. One of the last things that you want is to discover is that a high percentage of your website visitors only view a single webpage… Continue Reading