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How To Segment Your Email List
July 20, 2020

How to Segment Your Email List [Complete Guide]

If you are just beginning your email marketing journey, you might not be aware of the significance of segmenting your email lists. The truth is, it matters a lot. The majority of organizations (84%) are… Continue Reading

Email Customers About A Price Change
May 13, 2020

How to Email Customers About a Price Change [+Email Template]

Product owners, marketing teams, and brand managers work hard to acquire new customers - we run email marketing campaigns and write transactional emails. That’s why a lot of company owners are hesitant to increase product… Continue Reading

Email An Indispensable Element of Omnichannel Marketing
May 1, 2019

Email: An Indispensable Element of Omnichannel Marketing

Marketers have been screaming for a while now, claiming the death of email marketing. However, the statistics have a different tale to tell. It is true that people are omnipresent, and marketers have to go… Continue Reading

Email Marketing
June 27, 2018

Email Marketing Strategy: Creating a Winning E-Commerce Plan

Automation will lead you towards your business goals faster. In this TED talk by Rory Vaden, he claims that automation is one of his secrets for effective self-management and success. Thanks to digital advancement, almost… Continue Reading