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Direct to Consumer Pricing Teardown Who Gives a Crap
November 22, 2019

E-Commerce Pricing Teardown Part 7: Who Gives a Crap

We wanted to dive deep into a segment of the direct-to-consumer (DTC) industry most people haven’t thought about: toilet paper. Namely: the awesome brand, Who Gives a Crap. Who gives a crap sell a range… Continue Reading

DTC Pricing Teardown How Brooklinen's Pricing Strategy Boosts Sales
September 24, 2019

E-Commerce Pricing Teardown Part 6: Brooklinen Sheets

DTC e-commerce vendors are completely changing the game of online selling. Through bypassing traditional distributors and department stores, vendors can take back control and sell directly to the consumer. The way big online marketplaces and… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Pricing Teardown How Everlane Created a $40 Million Company with its Pricing Strategy
August 2, 2019

E-Commerce Pricing Teardown Part 5: Everlane

Everlane is a clothing company with a strong focus on ethically sourced and produced clothes. We'll analyze Everlane's pricing strategy that created a $40 Mn company. Their mantra, “we can all make a difference” runs… Continue Reading

How to Sell Toys Online Pricing Strategy Teardown
March 12, 2019

E-Commerce Pricing Teardown Part 4: Selling Toys Online

In our pricing strategy teardown series, we look at how e-commerce stores in popular industries navigate the topic of pricing. We look at the strategies they implement, the tactics they use and how they stack… Continue Reading

e-commerce pricing teardown-cup and leaf in the tea industry
February 21, 2019

E-Commerce Pricing Teardown Part 3: Cup and Leaf

Do you drink tea?If so, how much do you think about the pricing strategy behind the types of tea that you buy? Do you have a budget in mind when choosing the right tea vendor… Continue Reading

December 18, 2018

E-Commerce Pricing Teardown Part 2: Dr. Axe

When coming up with pricing strategies, especially as an up and coming e-commerce store, it can be helpful to look at how the greats already do this. In this post, we’re going to look at… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Pricing Teardown
July 5, 2018

E-Commerce Pricing Teardown Part 1: John Lewis

In the exciting e-commerce pricing teardown part 1, we’ve used our software to scratch our own itch or so to speak. We’ve spent the last month analyzing the pricing records for the retailer, John Lewis… Continue Reading