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Net Price
July 22, 2021

Net Price and List Price: What is the Difference between Two Concepts?

The first thing any business owner or a merchant learns entering the market is that price is never just one particular number. Price is actually such a multileveled matter that, in many ways, sound price… Continue Reading

Willingness to Pay: A Metric for Better Pricing Decisions
February 6, 2020

Willingness to Pay: This is What the Pros Look For

Willingness to pay (WTP) is the maximum price a consumer is willing to pay in exchange for a product/service. We use this metric to price our products in line with customer expectations and increase the… Continue Reading

Pricing Glossary
February 6, 2020

Pricing Dictionary: 61 Terms You Need to Know About E-commerce Pricing

Table of contents Basket-based pricingCaptive productChannel-specific pricingCommoditizationComparison shopping enginesCompetitive intelligenceCompetitive marketCompetitive pricing / market-oriented pricingCost-plus pricing / cost-based pricing / cost-oriented pricingDecoy effectDropshippingDumpingDynamic pricingEconomy pricingEveryday low priceFlat rate pricingFreemium pricingHybrid pricingLanded costList price / manufacturer’s… Continue Reading

February 6, 2020

Price: The Absolute Center of E-commerce

Price is the amount of money given in return for a product or service. In some cases, it refers to the amount requested by a seller in exchange for the product/service she/he offers. Selling price… Continue Reading

Price escalation: What Manufacturers and Retailers Need to Know
May 21, 2019

Price Escalation: Notes for Manufacturers & Retailers

Table of contents What is price escalationPrice escalation through contractsWhat causes price escalationHow to overcome price escalationFinal thoughts When an e-commerce business expands, business owners naturally have more things to consider and one of those… Continue Reading

Price Point
November 22, 2018

Price Point: Is It Different Than Price?

Table of contents What is a price point?ExamplesTakeawaysFrequently asked questions When you're reading business blogs to find the strategies that best fit your business, you often come across a term—price point. You wonder, what's the… Continue Reading

Price Scraping
November 20, 2018

Price Scraping: Learn the Basics

You already know that you need to pay careful consideration to how you price your products. With hundreds of e-commerce stores being launched every single day, it’s imperative you stay on top and set competitive… Continue Reading

Price Elasticity Dynamics that Drive Demand for E-commerce
July 17, 2018

Price Elasticity: What Should Online Sellers Know About It

Table of contents What is the price elasticity of demand?Moderately elasticInelasticHighly elastic8 factors affecting price elasticity of demandIs the product necessary or luxury?Is the product unique or does it have substitute products?Advertising & brandingConsumer habitsPrice/income… Continue Reading

Price Index
July 10, 2018

Price Index: Definition, Calculation, and Function

Table of contents What is price index (PI)?Price index calculation for a single productHow to control your positioning in the market?What’s the primary benefit of having PI information?Retrospective analysis will sweep away uncertaintiesQuick takeawaysFrequently asked… Continue Reading

Strategy Differences
May 15, 2018

Price Discrimination: Definition, Degrees, and Takeaways

Table of contents What is price discrimination?Why it is different between dynamic pricing and price discrimination?How to apply itFirst-degree price discriminationSecond-degree price discriminationThird-degree price discriminationPrice discrimination takeawaysFrequently asked questions E-commerce experts and marketers often use… Continue Reading