Email Marketing: Three Important Factors to Consider

Email Marketing: Three Important Factors to Consider

January 27, 2016

Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. Email marketing is a powerful field in marketing since it offers direct and more personalized contact with customers. The return on investment for email marketing is on average 4,300% for companies in the United States. With this high ROI, it wouldn’t be wise to not employ this method in marketing strategies.

Open and click rates are the important measurements to see how successful an email has been.

MailChimp regularly updates the data they have on average open and click rates. And from MailChimps analysis we can see that for e-commerce businesses the rates seem as low as 16.78% for open rates and 2.52% for click rates. So for e-commerce companies, the emails can be improved. To improve there are a few points in email marketing that companies must focus on to get higher open and click rates.

  1. Subject lines
  2. Targeting
  3. Aesthetics

Subject lines

Subject lines can be thought of the first impressions of emails. It must be attractive enough to get customers to open the email. According to Chadwick Martin Bailey, one of the biggest factors influencing open rates is the subject line (47%). Thus, subject lines must be written with care.

Having an interesting subject will increase your open rates. So a short but attracting subject would be the best to write. However, it should be relevant to the content of your email. It should be descriptive yet intriguing to get high open rates.

Mailchimp's Results on Subject Lines

Another detail in selecting a subject line is that it also matters if you do not want your email to go to your customer’s junk mail. If your mail looks like spam, it will automatically go to junk mail. It would be better to use titles that are descriptive of the context of the email you are sending.


Congratulations you got your customers to open your email with your catchy subject line! Now is the time to get them to be interested in what you have to offer them.

The reason why these customers gave their email addresses is that they wanted to get more information about your business. So the subscriber list that you have in hand is a specific group of people interested in what you do. This is almost like a gold mine. If you can send the right emails you will get the response you want.

Email marketing becomes more valuable once you know more personalized emails can be sent. To send every customer a letter would not be time-efficient instead you can segment your list. You might want to divide them into categories based on country, age, gender, etc. Then the right emails will reach the segments. And your open rates and click rates will increase.

Iphone Email Notification


When you open an email, your customer wouldn’t want to see just a bunch of texts. Having images and less text will not strain the readers’ eyes will help them see only the important things. Designing the email is as important as the subject line and the context. Before sending, you must preview it since if an email does not display correctly, 71.2% will delete it immediately. Also, not everyone opens their emails on their computers. Most of the people (64% of decision-makers) check their emails on their smartphones. So you should be careful in your design and test it on mobile to if it can be displayed correctly.

How to Interpret Results

To understand how successful your email was, you should check your open rates and click rates. Service providers let you see more details. To increase these performance measures you can test different subject lines, you can send different emails to different segments and you can try different layouts. For this, you can use A/B testings as well.

To find the correct email templates to send regularly one must interpret the results of each email and try to standardize email templates to be consistent. This will help your customers to be familiar with your emails and know where to look or where to click on.

As email marketing keeps is place in marketing strategies companies would gain more in putting more effort into making their emails. We have provided some basic guidelines, now it all depends on how you implement them!


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