E-Commerce Netherlands: Most Popular Blogs to Follow

E-Commerce Netherlands: Most Popular Blogs to Follow

November 28, 2016

Today we start with a series of three articles about e-commerce in the Netherlands. With these, we want to help anyone interested in the e-commerce sector of this country get all the information he or she may need. As e-commerce is so variable, we are going to start with the news, because we really believe in the power of information. And in our next posts we will give you recommendations about influencers and events. But before to start we want to clarify that this list is not in any particular order so rest assured that all of the blogs are awesome! Also notice that all these blogs are written in Dutch.

Now let’s take a look at the best blogs about e-commerce in the Netherlands.


Active since 2008 this is the website of the Dutch community of Magento. They promote the use of Magento for e-commerce professionals that don’t speak English well enough and may have problems with the platform. To achieve this, they publish news, tips and events related to this platform.

E-commerce News nederland

When it comes to e-commerce news, this site is without any doubt a key player. They publish news about new products, websites, and everything related to online retail. Their target is people interested in e-commerce apart from the biggest companies. They have been in business since 2009 and originated from the news agency Zietuwel, which is based in Utrecht.


This website has a great amount of information and articles about everything related to marketing. Much more than a website, they are actually a full platform that also runs web seminars, events like Emerce eDay and more. The have a broad range of topics ranging from B2B or Customer Service to Hosting, Mobile, Payments, etc. No doubt this site is a must-visit.


This is a comprehensive site about marketing that targets the Dutch public. It gives news and advice about advertising, customer service and several other interesting topics, including e-commerce. They give news with their own point of view and also conduct interviews with experts and entrepreneurs from time to time. The e-commerce section is updated every three or four days but the sites deserve a visit every day to see what is published about the other topics.


They offer a CMS for e-commerce business that is used by more than 30,000 merchants. Their blog is a great source of information and tips to make an online store more profitable. Their experience is shared in a friendly, easy-to-read. This is a great example of what content marketing should be.

They started as a specialized blog about affiliate marketing, giving tips for both sellers and marketers, but lately they decide to do the next step and increase their topics. Of course everything related with affiliate marketing is useful for e-commerce, but now they have added social media and content marketing among their articles.

Succes Met Jeweb Shop

Updated every week, this blog offers articles with useful and practical information for e-commerce businesses. The articles are told from the point of view of a shop owner and some regular topics are SEO, promotions and conversions. Sometimes there are more general tips about time management or personal development. This blog is recommended for anyone who has or is thinking about starting an e-commerce business.

Twinkle Magazine

Twinkle Magazine offers daily news, case studies and articles related to e-commerce. It is one of the well-known and active e-commerce blogs in the Netherlands.

Webwinkel Community is a platform where a stage is made available for e-commerce experts and retailers. Their main goal is to share as many experiences, services, trends and tips with each other as possible. The community is accessible to every online retailer or e-commerce professional.

As a community, they do much more than just offer a platform. They would like to show that has much more to offer than you might think or suspect in advance. Became curious? Then sign up and become a member at

Webwinkel Keur

Webwinkel is a trusted label with great success in the Netherlands. In the blog they share news about their services in addition to advice for e-commerce business. From SEO to omnichannel strategies, the mix of topics is very comprehensive.

Webwinkel Success

This is a success case and that is what is shared in the site. Kees van Dijk, the site’s owner, started in e-commerce long time ago and is now sharing his experience and tips on this website. As he is an entrepreneur, you will find a lot of advice for starting a business as well as tips to improve conversion rates, pricing tips, etc.

During our research, we found some other great websites. Without being specifically focused on e-commerce, they include it among their main topics. Offering tips and news together with great quality, we really think they are worth the visit. So here they are:


This site is specialized in marketing online. They don’t have a specific category for e-commerce, but they publish about it regularly.

Silicon Canals

Silicon Canals specializes in startups and e-commerce, of course, has its room in the website. Here you can discover new businesses and trends.

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    November 29, 2016

    Thanks for mentioning WebwinkelKeur, our blog is appreciated by our members. Nice it is also picked up by Prisync. Maybe in the future product pricing in webshops is a nice subject for a blog.

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