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E-Commerce Conferences: Top 5 Conferences You Shouldn’t Miss

Working in e-commerce is absolutely exciting. Every day is different and there is always a new problem to solve. One day may be Google ranking, the next day something related to shipping and the next one the most unexpected thing that suddenly becomes the most important aspect of the business for 24 hours. However, most of the things are solved in front of a computer. And sometimes it is a good idea to leave the computer for a while. Check out these e-commerce conferences that may be a good excuse for a trip and a chance for you to get some new exciting ideas to improve your business.

So this is what we bring you today. A list of some conferences focused on e-commerce that is worth a day off.

E-commerce Africa Confex

A really interesting event to attend since Africa is struggling against a particularity that it is not happening in many other areas. People don’t use banks in Africa, meaning mobile payment will be the key to success for the online stores targeting this great market. And this will be the main topic of the conferences, which will happen in Cape Town from the 22nd to the 23rd of February, 2017.

Etail Germany

The event will focus on how to capitalize on mobile growth and personalize the customer experience to drive sales. It will happen in Berlin on the 14th and 15th of March, 2017, and you will be able to listen to speakers from Facebook, Cyberport, APONEO, Peek & Cloppenburg, QVC Germany, Euronics, Doc Morris and Otto Group.

Seamless 2017

Focused on payment methods, the conferences in this event are very interesting for everyone running an e-commerce business. It is well known that users are more and more worried about security, and achieving it, but without affecting the purchase experience, is the new challenge of e-commerce. Seamless will happen from the 19th to the 20th of April, 2017 in Singapore.

ROI Revolution Summit 2017

Yes, of course, we also have something interesting for our friends in the US. The ROI Revolution Summit 2017 will happen in Kissimmee, Florida from the 8th to the 10th of March. We especially like the conference at 10.30 on Friday (a nice excuse for a weekend in Florida, isn’t it) about how to work with Facebook Ads after the limitation by Facebook of the newsfeed visibility. The speaker will be from TBA Marketing, and we like that idea because they are specialized in entrepreneurs and new businesses.

Internet Retailer Conference 2017

Well, they still have not announced the speakers, but these conferences are a quality guarantee. If you want to hear about real problems in e-commerce and even better, their solutions, you have to go to Chicago between the 6th and 9th of June. They promise to talk about new trends in retail marketing, including SEO.

All these conferences and events will for sure offer a lot of insights and value to their participants. So don’t tell me you can’t attend at least one of them…really? Then do not worry because we still have something for you. Because we are organizing Online E-commerce Meetups and the first one will happen next week. Of course, we will be very glad to have you listening and asking your questions. If you want to keep learning and honing your skills, now you don’t need to spend money traveling!

And before we finish, let us give you some tips so you can get the best from the conferences:

  1. If you attend the event, forget your mobile for a day. If you are going to be managing your business from the mobile, it is better to stay at work and do it properly. When attending conferences, one of the best values you can get is speaking with other attendees during breaks, but if you just pay attention to your mobile device, nobody will talk to you.
  2. Bring paper and a pencil. Yes, all these events will provide you with paper and a pencil, but you need a pencil that really writes. You have to be sure that you will be able to take notes of everything interesting. Not only what they say, but also your thoughts of what they’re saying. Very good ideas can come when you are listening to a good speaker.

Enjoy your learning in e-commerce conferences!


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