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Cart Abandonment: Turn Frustrations into Happy Moments

Cart abandonment is one of the most frustrating situations for e-commerce managers. Getting visitors from Google, keeping them on the website, engaging them and convincing them to make a purchase is a process that requires a lot of effort and marketing investment.

However, life happens and when people are about to confirm the order and buy, they can get a phone call, experience a power or internet failure or many other situations that may cause them to abandon their shopping cart without finalizing the purchase. Shipping costs also cause many potential customers to abandon their shopping carts.

Happily, when that happens, not everything is lost. Research has shown that 75% of people who leave the cart before completing the purchase will return to the site within a month, and the most interesting data is that they are 2.3 times more likely to make a purchase in this period than a new visitor. So cart abandonment is not necessarily bad news. So, do you still think cart abandonment is bad news? Actually, it is not, since it usually means a very big interest in your products. But you need to take some action to make it become an opportunity.

The first thing you can do is launch a short survey, asking your visitors why they are leaving the cart. You never know what you can learn from this, and it will be useful feedback for free. Some options you can provide in this survey as reasons for abandonment are: shipment costs, saw a better price, I was just browsing, excessive overall price or process was too long. Then you can add your own reasons and remove the ones that are not being chosen. Ideally, some reasons will be less chosen if you improve your e-shop with the feedback you receive. One thing we have discovered in Prisync is that trial and error works very well in e-commerce performance development.

Even though now you can see cart abandonment as a possible opportunity, reducing your cart abandonment rate is still desirable. So take a look at these tips to lower your e-commerce cart abandonment.

The second thing you can do with the people who have abandoned your shopping cart is using remarketing strategies with them. We talked about this in our post about Facebook Advertising for e-commerce, but as a short reminder, it lies in providing adverts about your products to the people who have already visited your website. This is possible thanks to the Internet cookies and especially easy to do in social network advertising like Facebook, Twitter and also in Google AdWords.

Email marketing is another wonderful option for remarketing, however, it requires an important decision. In order to get the email of the person that is leaving the shopping cart, you need him to be registered. Many experts say that e-commerce shops shouldn’t ask customers to be registered to finish the purchase, and in fact, this is a way to improve the conversion rate. So here is your strategic decision: should you ask your visitors to register to be able to buy? We would only recommend this for cases in which customer trust is very high. For instance, it works for Amazon, since it is not possible to buy on its website without signing in, but sadly we are not all Amazon, so it is your decision. If you do opt to register customers before they make their purchase, then you can email those who have left the cart without purchasing with links to the specific landing page of the products that were in the cart when they left your website, or even implement a link that will take them back to the cart with the products already there. In addition, you can add an extra deal to make your prices even more attractive.

Even if you opt not to require potential customers to sign in on your website in order to make a purchase, you can create a pop up (ideally the same one that will show the short survey) asking for an email address and permission to send them a link to the products. A message like “If you provide your email address, we can send you a list of the products you have in your cart right now, so you can buy them later without searching for them again” can work well.


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