Cart Abandonment: 20 Tips to Try Today

Cart Abandonment: 20 Tips to Try Today

July 8, 2016

67% of shopping carts are abandoned online. Complex as the customers are, the factors that influence the cart abandonment rates in eCommerce are multiple and they spread through UX, additional features, support, personalization, follow-ups, shipping rules and more.

In today’s blog post we’ll go through 20 check-points to make sure you got covered at all major steps during the purchasing journey. Here we go!

1. Create fewer checkout steps. It is good to even limit them to one.

The more a customer has to click through, the more likely he is to get frustrated and give up. Around 10% of the people abandon their shopping cart because of a long checkout process. The average online checkout process is estimated to include 5.6 pages.

2. Exclude the obligatory registration.

You can increase your sales with up to 45% in case you don’t have a mandatory registration. It is possible that you also leave it for after the purchase has been finalized.

3. Create an easy-to-edit shopping cart.

It has to be easy to remove items, change quantities, and add discount codes or preview items and price.

4. Design only short forms.

Ask only for basic information and include pre-configured (or dropdown) text boxes.

5. Display cart triggers at all pages.

You can integrate pop-up or drop-down for the customer to overview their cart, rather than redirect him to another page.

6. Add a progress bar.

See below:

7. Adapt any design to be mobile responsive as well.

8. Avoid hidden fees and unclear pricing.

56% of customers abandon their purchases when they’re faced with an unexpected price as they get to the final checkout.

9. Add multiple payment options.

10. Re-engage your cart abandoners with retargeting ads.


11. Send out follow-up email or sequence of emails.

According to SaleCycle, abandoned cart emails average a 46.1% open rate, a 13.3% click rate, and $5.64 per email in extra revenue.

Abandoned Cart E-mail

12. Implement a wish-list option.

56% of shoppers aren’t ready to purchase but they want to save their selection for later. Just because they aren’t ready to purchase today doesn’t mean they won’t come back.

13. Display personalized product recommendations.

Trigger interest in similar or complementary product at cart page for the customer to include in their basket.

14. Show a pop-up in case a visitor tries to leave the cart page without a purchase. You may also include a small discount.

15. Add social reviews and rating information.

90% of customers consult ratings, reviews, and social media before buying. Do not let them go elsewhere and search for the same information.

16. Include security and quality badges, and satisfaction guarantee.

17. Offer your help at checkout and add a life-chat or other helpful information on how to reach you easily.

18. Include free shipping and tax-free returns.


19. Include nice visual communication for your value proposition and shopping benefits (like free shipping) throughout all pages.

Free Shipping

By the way, here are some tips on how to afford free shipping in the first place.

20. Measure results.

It’s critical! Track your cart abandonment and A/B test any change in design or other functionalities for you to be sure what works best for your audience.

Enjoy this checklist and good luck with all these steps, tips and tricks!


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