Twitter Marketing: How to Use it for E-Commerce

Twitter Marketing: How to Use it for E-Commerce

May 16, 2016

Engaging with new customers is what keeps your e-commerce business top of the game. In order to do that social media marketing is essential to have. Your online presence keeps your brand image in good shape and allows you to reach potential customers and target audiences. Twitter marketing is a good way to establish your online presence and reach your new crowd of customers.

Twitter is one of the most actively used social media platforms. It has more than 100 million online users in a day which is a great opportunity to gather your data in a wide selection of people. The number of users of Twitter has reached 310 million this year. It has 1.3 billion registered users. The great thing about Twitter is the usage habits that come with it. People are checking Twitter for anything these days. They can learn the latest news, express their thoughts and follow their favorite celebrities trash each other. They can even reach celebrities directly through Twitter. This aspect of Twitter is what keeps it interesting.

Another using habit regarding Twitter is that people check it out very often. Since the Twitter news feed has an over the top amount of tweets coming every second, when you look at your news feed after one minute it is very likely to come across 10-20 new tweets. This is both a good and a bad thing for e-commerce businesses. The good thing is that this is what gets people’s attention. Since our new lifestyle looks for new and exciting stuff every other minute we can say that Twitter is one of the rare things that keep up with us. It really reflects the modern person and his/her habits. The bad aspect of the Twitter news feed is that when you tweet something for your followers to see it is hard for them to see between the huge piles of other tweets. This requires you to be strategic in your timing and content.

Your customer segment is a valuable asset to use. If you are selling your items to customers in another country you need to make sure you consider the time difference. If you are in the USA and selling to Spain you might want to send out the tweets in Spanish as well. English is definitely a very actively used language however people would prefer to receive the tweets in their language. This location issue affects your accounts as well. E-Commerce giants have different accounts for different countries. This way they keep the language and timing in compartments according to the country. If you are a local e-commerce business one account should be more than enough for you. Coming back to the timing of your tweets, morning, evening and late at night is usually better to reach people on Twitter. This is a generalized timeline so if this does not work for you the best way to decide on the timing would be to dig your data on Twitter. Check out which of your tweets are more retweeted, clicked or was in the favorites. If there is a common timing between them, there you have it. Sometimes to find the perfect timing you need to observe a little. Just make sure you are an active user in this media platform.

Another aspect of getting noticed on Twitter is your content. Twitter is offering different features every day. Make sure you know what they are. Twitter supports gifs, videos, images, etc. Using gifs and videos in your tweets is a great way to get noticed. Think about it. When you open your feed, there are millions of them sliding through the screen. But whenever you see a tweet with a picture, gif or a video you definitely notice it. Using bright colors are another thing that can catch people’s attention. Your content is important and showing it visually will make sure you get noticed.

Creating content for Twitter is really easy since you are required to write under 140 characters. However, it needs to be snappy. Tell what is on your mind and convince them to engage with it. Visual aids come in handy at this point. Another thing you can do is to go for popular people on Twitter. Create your content around a brand evangelist. Mention them in your tweet so you can be seen by his/her followers as well.


Another thing you can do is to follow the hashtags. Hashtags are the most popular topics of the day. It is laid out for us to see and discover what is the main thing that everyone I talking about. It also reflects local or global movements, protests or important days like Mother’s Day. Using those hashtags will help you to be seen by different people normally you wouldn’t reach. Using the advanced search is another way to reach potential customers. By using the other button in the search you can search for cat toys for example, if you are selling cat toys. The search results will show lots of tweets that was about cat toys. You will find a few of them asking where to buy the greatest cat toys ever. There you go. Reply to them and recommend your product.

Twitter is a very active and fruitful social media platform and it is definitely filled with great ideas. One of Twitter’s latest developments was Periscope. It allows you to stream a live video from wherever and whenever you want. You can let people know about it through your Twitter account and gain followers from that point as well. The interesting and exciting thing about Periscope is that it allows everyone to become a news reporter of some sort. You can watch a Periscope stream from the craziest Lady Gaga concert or a person at the top of the Eiffel Tower showing around Paris via his phone. Your e-commerce business can use this to its benefit. You can stream from your PR events or have a short interview through Periscope. People are able to ask you questions via Periscope which makes it really easy.

All in all, there is no doubt that Twitter is the golden boy in social media platforms. It is modern, fits the active daily schedules easily, interactive and fast. There is a wide selection of people on Twitter and it is an interesting playground to observe. Your e-commerce business can use Twitter marketing to increase engagement with the customers, reach new crowds, throw online contests, mention brand evangelists to increase your sales, etc. Twitter marketing is a mine gold for e-commerce businesses.

Twitter marketing is a great social media platform for increasing online sales.


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