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Social Media: Why & How in E-Commerce

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many other social media channels… Yeah, you can share what you are thinking or what you are eating at the moment. But these channels are also great tools for marketing for any business. Social media marketing is still popular and has a high return for e-commerce companies in 2016. Today’s post is about why it is important and how you can benefit from it as an e-commerce company.

Why is social media marketing still important in 2016?

Cheaper Ads

Traditional marketing is expensive! You have to pay so much money for so many things. You have to pay many companies to get your ads on the front line such as Google AdWords. However, if you are a small e-commerce business you won’t have such resource to dedicate to advertising. 92% of marketers say that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses. By using social media for marketing your brand will be recognized more and more each day and the number of your company’s loyal customers will increase. And as new customers look for items that you’re selling they will look you up on social media to see how your company is. And if you happen to have active accounts, customers will feel more confident in doing business with you.

Social Media Marketing

Targeted Audience

You’d also want your ads to reach to a specific segment of customers. Social media is great for this. Think of it this way, if you use specific hashtags on Instagram, people who have an interest in that topic will find your photos. For example, if someone wants to buy a necklace they will look at necklaces on Instagram and if you do have pictures of necklaces that you sell on your website, you can get that customer to check your website.

Now you had the chance to catch the exact customer you were looking for, the one who is interested in what you’re selling.

Brand Loyalty

Customer loyalty is a key factor in any type of business. It is seven times more difficult and costly to get new customers to buy from you than getting your loyal customers to buy according to research.

After emphasizing on the importance of brand loyalty, we can now talk about how to create it through social media. 72% of marketers are using social media to develop loyal fans. They know social media is a great tool for loyalty.

Your social media activity makes you look more trustable for the customers. They see you as a person instead of a cold retail company. They will see what you share and how you react to customers. And the customer who engages with your content will grow better feelings for your brand, creating brand loyalty in the long term.

Direct feedback

You can get direct feedback from social media about your service as well. People tend to tweet what they are going through with their experiences with companies. Zappos, for example, has a customer service account on Twitter and they are trying to solve their customers’ problems via Twitter. It is pretty convenient for customers to just send feedback on Twitter with only mentioning the company.

Twitter Direct Feedback

Being respondent to your customers’ feedback will also increase customer loyalty. And when new customers see that you are replying to your customers it will again make them feel more confident about shopping from you. Also, you can see what problems you have and you can figure out how you can fix them.

Brands that use social media effectively

Many brands use social media effectively. IBM already has 57.5k followers with 342 posts on Instagram. They are promoting Watson and posting photos of their daily life in IBM offices all around the world.

Amazon is promoting its products or services through many social networks. For example, Amazon answers questions about their customers and regularly post about their newest services on Facebook.

Amazon Social Media Post

Again, Zappos uses Snapchat to give away gift codes and advertises this on Twitter.

Zappos Snapchat

How can you use social media marketing?

To become popular in the social media world it is important to be creative. To draw more attention to your website you must be engaging a lot with your accounts.

  • Using every social media channel from YouTube to LinkedIn
    • Don’t get stuck to only one channel. Try to use all, from Facebook to Snapchat. This way you will reach more customers of all kind.
    • Be creative when using these channels. Try to use these channels in different ways. For example, you could use Vine to post unboxing videos of your new arriving products.
  • Post regularly
    • Do not just open an account because you have to. Dedicate some of your time for this and try to use your social media channels effectively.
    • Have a regular schedule for sharing content.
  • Try to develop a community
    • This will take time but if you can understand your audience and their needs you will start to develop a community
    • They will support your posts and share them. This will give you a free advertising opportunity. And new customers will be more willing to shop from you when other people are using your service and leave positive comments or share your contents.
  • Know your audience
    • Post contents that are relevant to the segment you are trying to reach. If you are selling shoes but posting about drones most of the time you will get the wrong audience.
    • Or if you are trying to reach a younger segment but posting stuff that is more interesting to older segment then you will not get the young people’s attention. It will again be a waste of time.

To wrap things up,

Social media is very powerful in creating a community of customers and promoting your company. Companies using social media have shown great success in terms of increasing their sales, marketing their brands and creating loyal customers.

So you might want to start getting busy with creating accounts if you still don’t have any.


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