Valentine’s Day: Tips for E-Commerce

Valentine’s Day: Tips for E-Commerce

February 8, 2016

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is close, and many people want to buy their significant others a gift. This means great news for e-commerce businesses! This week our guest blogger Sıla Çırpan from talks on how to win the hearts of online customers in 6 ways!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and waiting to melt our hearts with all its romance. The couples are in a hurry to find presents to express their love, whereas e-commerce sites compete with one another to increase their sales, converting more users into customers.

It is one of those seasons when every customer has many e-commerce suitors and will say yes only to the best proposal. If you don’t want to miss the target like blindfolded Cupid, you came to the right place. Here are 6 e-commerce tips for those who want to touch the hearts of their online customer this Valentine’s Day.

All you need is love and free shipping!

Free Shipping Valentine's Day

When the hottest day of the year is approaching, it is highly likely that many e-commerce sites will attempt to try and pick up your lovely customers. What you have to do to draw away your competitors and get the girl, is to offer free shipping. Determining free shipping thresholds will increase your conversions and average order value.

Don’t be the abandoned lover

Cart Abandoner Push Notification

Send mails or web push notification messages to your cart abandoners and remind them what they are missing. Web push notifications enable reaching your users when your site is not open on the browser and what’s more, contacting your customers without their contact information! Leveraging this new and effective communication channel, draw customers, who left you behind, back to your online store, since this is the place they belong.

Love happens without a warning but delivery shouldn’t

On Time Delivery

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, what your beloved customers worry the most is not getting on-time delivery. Not being able to give the present they choose with a heavy heart, would make a perfect nightmare scenario. You should release your customers’ concern by displaying guaranteed delivery deadline on your website. This will help you eliminate any heartbreaks on this special day as well as encourage customers down the sales funnel with creating a sense of urgency.

Believe in love at first sight

It’s always hard to choose the right gift and we bet many of your customers don’t have any slightest idea about what to buy for their significant others. Dedicating a part of your website to Valentine’s Day gifts will sure help you clear the path for the love bugs and give the impression that your website is well-armed to fulfill customer needs. Splitting Valentine’s gift items under gender categories is just another great way to enable easier site navigation and make your customers fall in love with you at first sight.

Valentine's Day Gifts

Be the one who is hard to give up on

Your customers are showered with endless gift options, discounts, and promotions which makes it harder to make a choice. The researches reveal that a customer visits 3 websites on average before making a purchase decision. Your flirtatious users will not choose you unless you make them the most inviting offer. Using exit-intent technology, identify users who are about to leave and make them change their minds with discount coupons.

Exit Intent Notifications

Meet the right person at the right time.

Unleash the power of geo-fence and break “meeting the right person at the wrong time” cliché. Target users when they are where you want them to be and drive more footfall to your physical stores, sending promotional Valentine’s Day push notifications to your nearby customers.

Location Based Notifications

(Translation: Hello Gozde, drop by our new store on Istiklal Street, and don’t miss our special Valentine’s Day sales!)

Valentine’s Day is a very important date for retailers! Every store will come up with special campaigns and discounts.


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