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June 1, 2023

Retail Algorithms: How They’re Changing Businesses

Before the world of e-commerce, retailers had to rely on traditional methods of sourcing information about their customers.  Likewise, customers had to manually navigate their research in order to find the best deal. Now, however,… Continue Reading

Optimize Your Channel with Up-to-Date Competitor URLs: Hybrid Model
June 1, 2023

Optimize Your Channel with Up-to-Date Competitor URLs: Hybrid Model

When you're tired of the hassle, high costs, and inaccuracies of tracking your competitors' prices, there are compelling reasons why competitor price monitoring and dynamic pricing software can be the solution in the ecommerce world. Your… Continue Reading

May 30, 2023

Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization: Tips for Merchants

If you're running a Shopify store, you're interested in increasing sales and growing your revenue. The best way to do this is through Shopify conversion rate optimization. Shopify conversion rate optimization involves identifying how customers… Continue Reading

Price Matching: Pros & Cons [And Why Giants Love It So Much] - two hands holding price tag and there is a star icon under them with 2.5 stars.
May 25, 2023

Price Matching: Pros & Cons [And Why Giants Love It So Much]

Consumers are always price sensitive when buying products or services. Price is the ultimate factor for consumers when choosing a vendor or retailer. A price management strategy can increase productivity, generate higher investment returns (ROIs),… Continue Reading

May 24, 2023

How to Conduct Competitive Pricing Analysis and Why You Must

Competitive pricing analysis and keeping tabs on your competitors can be the difference of success in your business. Price tracking other companies will allow you to ensure you will continuously adjust correctly. Plus, it keeps… Continue Reading

Omnichannel Strategy
May 23, 2023

Omnichannel Strategy: Increase Sales with a Better Experience

Technological changes introduced over the past decade have revolutionized how people shop for products they want. A few more than a decade ago, a salesperson and a toll-free number were enough to keep customers happy… Continue Reading

May 18, 2023

Amazon Seller Pricing Strategy for 2023: Set Optimal Prices for Profits

Amazon has been well-known for competitive pricing on a wide range of products. An effective competitive pricing strategy is vital for Amazon sellers who want to succeed. That's why retailers need to be aware of… Continue Reading

May 17, 2023

How to Price Print on Demand Products

Are you in the beginning phases of your POD business and need help with how to price your products? Or are you still doing your research, reading through our reviews of different print-on-demand platforms, and… Continue Reading

May 16, 2023

Inventory Management System: What You Need to Know

Tracking your competitor’s prices is vital to maintaining viability in your market. However, competitive pricing will be more effective when you provide products to your customers when they want them. This means you must also… Continue Reading

6 reasons why your ecommerce pricing strategy isn't working
May 11, 2023

6 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Pricing Strategy Isn’t Working

Pricing strategy is a crucial aspect of any business, regardless of the industry or product. However, many businesses make mistakes when searching for the perfect pricing strategy to increase profits. The competitive nature of ecommerce… Continue Reading