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Meet AutoMates 2021

Wednesday, June 30 | 06.00 PM (UTC+3)

AutoMates explain why automation is the straightest path to profitable growth and how you can make the most out of it in your e-commerce game. 6 sessions from seasoned professionals illustrating how you can automate inefficient processes and tasks and how doing so will help you stand out in the e-commerce crowd.


Who’s Speaking

Chris Lavoie
Lead Tech Partnership

Burc Tanir
CEO & Co-Founder

Valentin Radu
CEO & Founder

Shakima Franklin
Senior Solutions Specialist

George Moser
Manager of Customer Success

Kevin Marviac
Head of Strategic Partnerships ShipBob

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Chris Lavoie​

I lead tech partnerships at Gorgias and I work closely with our amazing tech partners to scope, facilitate, and promote our integrations to our customer base, so they can leverage all the benefits that come with using each other’s platforms.

Topic: Balancing Personalization & Automation is the Key to Exceptional CX

Short Description: Delivering an exceptional customer experience means striking a fine balance between speed / automation & personalization. This is only possible with the use of tools that consolidate customer data across channels (socials, SMS, email, live chat) in a single, easy to use platform. Gorgias is that platform, and in this presentation, we will show you how to deliver personalized experiences your customers deserve, at scale.


Valentin Radu ​

Valentin Radu is an entrepreneur, data-driven marketer, CRO expert, CVO evangelist, international speaker, father, husband, and pet guardian. He is CEO & Founder at Omniconvert, a tech company with 8 years of experience in data-driven growth solutions for eCommerce companies. Valentin is a prominent Keynote Speaker and has presented at over 100 International events over the last seven years, including DMEXCO, Mobile Web Congress, SMXL, Growth Marketing Conference, MeetMagento, Conversion World, Webit, WebSummit, SemDays, Gpec, HowToWeb, IceeFest, Ecommerce Brazil, LMFA Singapore, TechinAsia, etc.

Topic: 15 Tactics to Improve Your Customer Lifetime Value

Short Description: Valentin will show you 15 tactics you can use to score quick wins and touch on key Customer Value Optimization strategies. Transform your mindset. Learn how to treat your Power Customers, reactivate your lapsed customers and optimize and automate your campaigns to boost your sales.

Manager of Customer Success, Omnisend

George Moser

George manages the North American Customer Success team at Omnisend. With over eight years of experience in the digital marketing space, George’s primary focus has been supporting eCommerce and Retail brands of all sizes.

Topic: Email Automation Flows to Increase Ecommerce Revenue

Short Description: Email automation is crucial for any ecommerce store. During our session, we will review the high-converting automation workflows to supercharge your revenue in no time.

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CEO & Co-Founder, Prisync

Burc Tanir

Burç Tanır is an entrepreneur, father and husband, traveller, cinephile, Co-Founder and CEO at Prisync. He has 8 years of experience in helping e-commerce companies make profitable and impactful pricing decisions and over 10 years of experience in the SaaS space. He is an international speaker, and he presents at various conferences each year, including Ecommerce Tech, Ecommerce Growth Summit, Emerce E-commerce Heysummit, and Commerce Now ‘21.

Topic: Surviving the Unavoidable Price Competition in the Dynamic E-commerce Environment

Short Description: Burç will tell you how he decides which automation to invest in, and why pricing automation is inevitably one of them. He’ll give you an idea about the dynamics across different retail categories and why they differ. Join Burc’s session to learn what pricing automation can bring to your business and how to automate.

Senior Solutions Specialist, Refersion

Shakima Franklin

Shakima joined Refersion 3 years ago and is passionate about technology and digital commerce. Having first-hand experience with running her own small e-commerce brand in the past, Shakima now offers enterprise solutions and integration strategies to large eCommerce brands that are interested in joining Refersion.

Topic: Optimize Your Brand’s Affiliate Marketing Strategy by Automating Attribution.

Short Description: 79% of marketers say measurement is a challenge when it comes to influencer and affiliate marketing, making it the #1 problem brands face with this strategy. By automating attribution with the right performance marketing platform, marketers can segment their data and make informed decisions to optimize their highest-performing marketing channels.

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Head of Strategic Partnerships, Shipbob

Kevin Marviac

Kevin leads the Partnerships team at Shipbob, a tech-enabled 3PL that fulfills ecommerce orders for direct-to-consumer brands. Kevin previously led the merchant-facing product teams, focusing on UX, API, and integration efforts. Before ShipBob, Kevin was cofounder and COO of a venture-backed ed-tech startup, TransparentCareer and is also a Certified Specialist of Wine and Spirits.

Topic: Leveraging Automation to Expand Fulfillment Capacity

Short Description: Learn how technology can unlock automation capabilities to improve order and inventory operations. We’re covering inventory placement, integrations, reverse logistics, and sales channel expansion. Learn how to reduce shipping costs, improve transit times, and drive ongoing retention with a technology-enabled 3PL.

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