Minimum Advertised Price Monitoring Software

Puts your brand’s price positioning & image in your control by following your resellers for you.

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Let the software monitor your sellers for you

Our minimum advertised price monitoring software controls seller prices for you so they don’t sell below the price you’ll determine. Set the rules and let us handle the tracking.

Take control of your brand image

Our MAP monitoring software detects MAP violations for you so that no seller can damage your brand image. Don’t let your brand-building efforts go in vain.

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"Track your wholesalers, see if they are out of stock, see if they are selling below MAP."

Andrew S.
V.P. Purchasing

Save your valuable time for important decision-making

Monitoring sellers manually is a time suck. Don’t waste time, use MAP monitoring software to save yourself and your team time for important decision making.

  1. 1. Detect
  2. 2. Strategize
  3. 3. Take Action

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Prisync is the most-reviewed and best-rated minimum advertised price monitoring software in the global market.

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