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Changes your Magento store product prices automatically by the rules you set.

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Sync your Magento prices in minutes

Quickly import your Magento product prices into your Prisync dashboard without entering data one by one. Save time and money with no additional action needed.

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Beat other merchants

No matter how others set their prices, our extension will always be there to help you beat your next competitor automatically. Installing our extension is free but its priceless when you subscribe for the paid plans.

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"Prisync provides the best value compared to their subscription fee and as a business owner, this is also important for us. On the other hand, their crawling quality is really good and they don’t get blocked easily. So this makes sure that we’re getting the data we need from them."

Jesper Brejning
Founder of BabyGear

Let the extension do the work for you

The easiest way to get started is to install the app and start syncing your product prices with Prisync. Then, enter your competitors and get ahead of the competition lightning fast.

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Pricing for Prisync

Choose the service that fits you best.  Try any plan free for 14 days. Cancel anytime. No credit card required.

URL Based Competitor Monitoring allows you to add competitor URLs one by one or simply in bulk per product.
This path is recommended for store owners who tend to have a less dynamic competitor listing.



per month
Up to 100 Products



per month
Up to 1000 Products​



per month
Up to 5000 Products

Channel Based Competitor Monitoring allows you to stay up-to-date
with competitors by keeping a particular focus on specific sales channels.



per month
Up to 100 Products​



per month
Up to 1000 Products​



per month
Up to 5000 Products

* API access will be charged for an extra 20% on top of your monthly subscription fee.

** Competitor matching service is available to order.

*** Need to track over 5000 products? 💬 Start chatting for your specific use case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prisync's Magento dynamic pricing extension have a simple integration experience. You can easily import your products and change your prices with the way your business specified and in a very short time. Thus, this synchronization will provide you with great convenience and your dynamic prices will provide more profit to your store .

Extension works as a fast automation of your Magento store products to Prisync's dashboard. In this synchronization process, you do not have to process your products one by one. Your store products' URLs will be automatically imported to your selections. You can choose to import all your products or filter them according to their categories or else.Prisync saves you time by doing this automatically and also it is an application included in our package.

Be aware of all the changes in your Magento store. Catching price changes instantly, adapting to these changes and controlling your stocks are the policies that your store should take. Compete with the brands in your category in the best way possible with Prisync.

With Prisync’s Magento integration, re-price your products automatically by the strategies you specify. Set your store products' prices and change them anytime needed in a very fast way. Prisync will let you know about all the price changes. We emphasize at every opportunity how important price positioning is. Easily sync your Magento store to Prisync and make your sales at the most accurate prices.

Trusted by more than 700 brands and stores worldwide!

Prisync is the only Magento Technology dynamic pricing extension provider for the global market.

Your turn to power your Magento store with Prisync

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