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Monitor, analyze & improve the e-commerce performance of your products across all your resellers around the world. 

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What is Digital Shelf Management?

E-commerce is no longer just a channel for brands. It’s the market itself. Therefore, brands of all sizes need to know how their products are listed and sold on each and every digital shelf across their online retailers.

Digital shelf management can help brands to optimize their e-commerce product details (names, images, description, prices and more) and help them boost their online sales.

Why is Prisync the solution?

E-commerce scraping lies at the heart of all digital shelf management technologies and as of today Prisync scrapes more e-commerce sites than any other vendor and has been providing its solution before it was even called “Digital Shelf Management”.

Our configurable digital shelf management engine and reporting can provide you any e-commerce data from any online retailer you like across the world.

How to optimize your brand’s online positioning with digital shelf management 

Get clear visibility into your e-commerce channels and pave the way for online growth for your brand.

Protect your brand image and make sure you offer a consistent market positioning across your online resellers from all around the world. 

  1. 1. Specify your online channels
  2. 2. Define the data-points you want to monitor
  3. 3. Track and optimize your e-commerce product information

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