AutoMates 2022

Thursday, June 30 | 06.00 PM (UTC+3)

AutoMates 22 will explain why automation is critical to keep up with the e-commerce powerhouses and the limitations of manual-store management.

Who’s Speaking

Valentin Radu
CEO & Founder

Karley Daudell​
Sr. Partner Manager Team Lead

Francis Pilon ​
Head of Revenue

Richard Ball
Brand Marketing Manager

Turker Yigitalp
Marketing Manager



Valentin Radu​

Valentin Radu had 17 different jobs before founding his first company.

As the CEO of Omniconvert, Valentin has helped eCommerce managers and owners, who don’t have the time or resources to find the hidden gems in their data, to craft outstanding customer journeys and improve the CLV.

Valentin is now the architect of the Customer Value Optimization Category, a ground-breaking innovation framework for eCommerce companies that uses qualitative and quantitative data to improve the CLV for eCommerce companies.

Sr. Partner Manager Team Lead, ShipBob

Karley Daudell​

Karley Daudell is the Sr. Technology Partnerships Lead at ShipBob, a tech-enabled 3PL that fulfills ecommerce orders for direct-to-consumer brands. She has been with ShipBob for 4 years and oversees all of ShipBob’s integration and technology partners. When she’s not working Karley teaches yoga at core-power and likes to go surfing.

francis pilon

Head of Revenue, LimeSpot

Francis Pilon

Over the last 2 decades, Francis has seen ecommerce from all angles: as a merchant, as an agency owner, as an investor and more recently through the eyes of an ecommerce technology solution provider, LimeSpot.

“As the competition for shoppers’ attention and money further increases, I strongly believe that creating unique experiences for every shopper is the key to merchants becoming and staying more relevant as well as unlocking deeper customer engagement and increasing retention”

Brand Marketing Manager,

Richard Ball

Rich is the brand marketing manager at, an industry leading review solution which helps 8000+ Ecommerce brands to improve their online reputation and grow their conversion rates by collecting and displaying customer reviews. Rich leads the marketing strategy ensuring all aspects of the review solution are being communicated globally to current and potential customers.

turker yigitalp

Marketing Manager, Prisync

Turker Yigitalp

Turker is the marketing manager of Prisync, competitor price tracking and dynamic pricing engine. He is spreading the word about competitor price tracking and e-commerce pricing optimization.