Assortment Analysis Report

Get an in-depth assortment analysis of any e-commerce website out there. Let the data guide your decisions in a smarter way as you plan your catalogue.

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What is assortment analysis? 

Findability matters almost as much as price in today’s e-commerce landscape.

A comprehensive assortment analysis of your competitors or online resellers can show you which products they sell across various categories or brands and also price points.

The analysis lets you compare them vs. your own assortment or catalogue so that you make sure that you have the most demanded assortment always in stock.

Catalogue Analysis
Category Optimization

Why is Prisync the solution?  

Prisync unmatched e-commerce scraping capabilities can provide you with the most comprehensive and in-depth assortment analysis that you can find in the market.

Our tailor-made reports can be designed just in line with your needs and thanks to our technological capabilities, we offer these analyses for a fraction of the conventional market research expenses that you typically incur.

How to use assortment analysis reports efficiently? 

Get rid of manual assortment analysis methods that typically take hours per e-commerce website and can never be as detailed as an automated one.

Automate the data collection part and focus on strategic planning.

  1. 1. List the online channels
  2. 2. Define the brands & categories
  3. 3. Receive the data & analysis regularly to your mailbox

Pricing for Prisync

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  • Up to 100 Products
  • ​Unlimited Competitors! ​
  • • ​ Price Updates 3 Times a Day ​
  • • ​ Excel Report
  • • ​ Advanced Filtering
  • • ​ Stock Availability Monitoring
  • • ​ Price Position Comparison
  • • ​ Worldwide Site/Currency
  • • ​ Batch Import
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$ 199
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  • Up to 1000 Products
  • ​All Professional Features Plus: ​
  • • ​ Marketplace Price Tracking
  • • ​ Product Variant Price Tracking
  • • ​ Daily Excel Report Mail
  • • ​ Daily Price Change Notification
  • • ​ Category/Brand Performance
  • • ​ Dynamic Pricing Engine​
  • • ​ ​API Access*
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$ 399
per month
  • Up to 5000 Products
  • ​All Premium Features Plus: ​
  • • ​ Price History
  • • ​ Instant Price Change Notification
  • • ​ Advanced Mail Reports
  • • ​ For Suppliers - MAP Monitoring
  • • ​ For Suppliers - Recommended Price Module
  • • ​ Advanced Pricing Analytics
  • • ​ ​API Access*
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** Competitor matching service is available to order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prisync Assortment Analysis report is based on getting a detailed report which you receive important data for your product management and can compare the size and the improvement of your store with others. So this way, Prisync canalizing your decisions in a smarter and more efficient way through your market policy.

The analysis lets you have a deep understanding about how to compare other retailers and your own assortments. So that you make sure that you have the most demanded assortment always in stock. In other words, prisync software prioritizes the actions you need to take by doing a good pricing analysis of your company.

An assortment analysis is typically aimed to refer you which products of your competitors or online retailers sell among different categories. The most comprehensive and deep assortment analysis that you can find in the market. Prisync makes automate the data collection and focus on strategic planning. Lists, collects and categorizes data and reports to you via e-mail regularly.

You can view the products in the category you want and compare prices. With Prisync, it is possible to make progress in organizing your products and stock replenishment in accordance with your strategies. Thus, increase your revenues by reaching the demand of customers in the fastest way and at just the right price.

Trusted by more than 700 brands and stores worldwide!

Hundreds of companies across the globe trust Prisync’s dynamic pricing software on automating their pricing tasks based on their own criteria.

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