Best Pricing Courses in 2023 for More Profitable Pricing Decisions

Best Pricing Courses in 2023 for More Profitable Pricing Decisions

April 12, 2023

You’ve come to the right place if you’re trying to determine how much to charge for your products and services to maximize sales with the best pricing courses in 2023. For you to make more lucrative price decisions, we have created a list of some of the top pricing programs and courses now available online.

Establishing pricing is a complex process. Overpriced products may prevent you from losing out on profitable sales. However, you risk losing significant revenue if your pricing is too cheap.

Fortunately, we have simplified the pricing procedure for you. There are several price structures and tactics available that have been tried and proven.

Simply choose the one that best suits your customers, company strategy, and income objectives.

The courses below have been carefully put together to help you choose the most effective price strategy, whether you’re a pricing expert or a company novice!

Let’s start.

Pricing Courses in 2023

Ecommerce Training Program: Pricing Academy


The Ecommerce Training Program by Prisync is for online retailers, manufacturers, managers, accountants, and pricing specialists, among others, who want to learn about pricing in detail. Prisync CEO Burc Tanir covers all the critical ecommerce pricing tactics and psychological tips you can use to attract your customers and boost your profit margins.

If you are an online retailer who wants to win the competition in ecommerce and differentiate your brand from competitors with pricing strategies, learn the best pricing tactics you can apply immediately!

Free Webinar on Your Pricing Strategy for 2023

Buynomics on Youtube

The webinar addresses the concerns and fears that 2023 will bring and presents robust pricing strategies for the months ahead. The year 2022 is drawing close, but many movements are just starting. Rising inflation, new regulations, and changing consumer behavior are giving many managers worry lines.

The webinar has many parts that focus on different aspects of pricing strategies:

  • Two key views on strategy: trickery vs. planning
  • Key steps toward a pricing & revenue management strategy
  • Key steps towards an RGM strategy – Inflation example
  • Pricing strategy framework

Smart Marketing with Price Psychology


Andrew Luttrell, a professor of social psychology, developed and constructed this course. The course emphasizes applying basic psychological pricing research for your business and marketing while focusing on online marketing success.

By the conclusion of this course, you will understand how consumers perceive and think about prices. In addition, you can learn how to price goods or services in a way that optimizes revenue and how to run promotions that lead customers to believe they are receiving fantastic discounts.

It’s challenging to persuade clients to buy anything, and the decision to purchase anything is often influenced by various factors going through the customer’s thoughts. Furthermore, this course will show you how to use psychological science to find shortcuts and techniques that you can use to improve your pricing strategy and boost sales.

How to Price Consumer Products (FMCG/ CPG)? 


You will thoroughly grasp the six main aspects that affect a consumer pricing strategy throughout this brief course, as well as the skills necessary to develop and record a successful pricing strategy for consumer items. Discover how vital pricing strategy components affect a product’s P&L.

You should have a solid knowledge of how major consumer brands establish and control product prices at the end of this course.

Pricing Strategy


Put into practice the most current methods for evaluating and creating pricing strategies with Martin Boehm, an IE professor with more than ten years of expertise.

You will be able to examine how businesses try to capture value in addition to profits from the income they generate by the conclusion of this course. Also, you will be able to participate in the creation of price plans for your products and services.

Also, this course includes a part on price dynamics and how rivals respond to one another. This knowledge is precious and may be used in your everyday work life.

Price Sensitivity and Pricing Decisions


Find out how to calculate price elasticity or the sensitivity of demand to price changes. You get the chance to learn pricing strategies in this course. The course begins with a discussion of the main pricing processes and teaches you about the effects of price adjustments and the likely responses of rivals. You are given the means to assess pricing action. You will play a price simulation game.

Pricing Strategy Explained 

LinkedIn Learning

Learn a tried-and-true process for creating a pricing plan. This course covers how investors assess pricing strategies and the benefits and shortcomings of various pricing models. It demonstrates how to determine price sensitivity, compute margins, and create a pricing profile unique to your product. You will also learn about discounts, bundling, and other price strategies.

You may use the project file and video lectures in the course materials, receive a LinkedIn Learning Certificate, and get advice and examples for both product- and service-based enterprises.

Summing Up

As an online store owner, you must optimize pricing strategies to increase your potential. While learning about technical pricing procedures, don’t forget to monitor your competitors’ pricing strategies to stay dynamic and profitable. 


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