E-Commerce Blogs: 62 Sources for the Latest Tips

E-Commerce Blogs: 62 Sources for the Latest Tips

September 14, 2016

A business really flourishes when there is always an inflow of knowledge. In the digital world, blogs are a major source of learning for any type of business, including e-commerce.

However, it’s hard to catch up with the volume of information and knowledge on e-commerce online, therefore, we thought that listing down the major ecommerce blogs to follow make perfect sense for all sizes of e-commerce companies out there!

We have prepared a huge list of e-commerce blogs to follow related to online marketing, payment, e-commerce in general and optimization. We have also listed their popular articles, so you can have an idea about the blog.

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A blog of strategic growth for online retailers.


Quoting from their website, “Foundr is a multifaceted digital business. We are independently published, with the muscle of a traditional media company, minus the corporate BS. We are lean, mean, and situated around the world.”

A Better Lemonade Stand

It’s the blog of the e-commerce incubator of Richard Lazazzera – who is also included in our e-commerce influencers to follow list – that helps make each of thousand decisions easier. Covers reliable advices, detailed articles and the list of tools to use related to e-commerce.


API2Cart is an online service that provides unified interface to access data in multiple e-commerce platforms. On their blog, they mostly share contents related to integrations, marketing and API solutions.


SEO is one of the key factors in inbound marketing and Backlinko is one of the sources you should keep on mind when it comes to e-commerce SEO. Brian Dean – the founder of the blog – is popular with his listings and lengthy articles.


The BigCommerce blog delivers news, strategy and success stories to power 2 times growth for scaling brands. With their free ebooks, you can learn the latest e-commerce trends and tips related to marketing.


Blueacorn is an e-commerce agency dedicated to integrating intelligence into the design and optimization services. Their blog provides articles related to online marketing, optimization and news related to Magento.

Blue Stout

Blue Stout is a development company specializing in traction related to e-commerce companies. Their blog covers articles related to a/b testing, Shopify optimization and responsive design.

Bootstrapping Ecommerce

A blog features articles on working with tight budgets to help people with ecommerce marketing. Topics like SEO, PPC, Social Media are included.


Brainsins is a company focused on helping online retailers to boost their sales by means of personalization. Articles related to product recommendations and online marketing can be found on their blog.


Thoughts on every aspect of social media like converting, analyzing and creating.

Conversion Voodoo

Articles related to landing page optimization and tips.

Conversion XL

Peep Laja – the founder of Conversion XL – shares articles related to optimization and conversion rate improvement. In his blog, there are free resources and case studies too.

CPC Strategy

CPC Strategy is a retail-focused search agency and its blog is one of the sources to follow for having a deep knowledge about paid search through Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other advertisement platforms.


Covers articles related to e-commerce implementation.

Dynamic Yield

Personalization and conversion optimization blog.

eCommerce Fuel

E-commerce Fuel is a community for high 6 and 7 figure plus store owners and the founder of the community is Andrew Youderian – he is also included in our influencers list. They share articles related to e-commerce market as a whole from online marketing to drop shipping.

Ecommerce Illustrated

It’s a blog of Linda Bustos – ex GetElastic writer. She shares articles related to the optimization of every pages of an e-commerce site from home page to checkout.

Ecommerce Influence

Ecommerce Influence is an online agency whose aim is to help ecommerce shop owners progress from selling their first product to running their first business. In their blog they cover articles related to online marketing.

Ecommerce Platforms

Ecommerce Platforms is an unbiased review site that shows the good, great, bad, and ugly of online store building software. Catalin Zorzini is the founder of this project and he aims to share the right e-commerce platform in an objective way.


Get free e-commerce tips, news and inspiring ideas.

Get Elastic

Tips, tricks, news and commentary related to ecommerce world.


Latest sales and marketing tips, trends and ebooks.


A blog about analytics, marketing and testing.


One of the blogs to follow related to how to grow your business online.


Provides best practices, customer stories, technical issues and Magento news on the blog.

Marketing Profs

Thousands of articles related to e-commerce marketing.

The Moz

Anything related to e-commerce SEO.

My Wife Quit Her Job

Podcasts and articles related to e-commerce conversion rate optimization and e-commerce tips.

Nerd Marketing

The founder – Drew Sanocki – covers data-driven digital marketing for online retailers.


Provides best e-commerce tips, tricks and news.


A blog about e-commerce landing page optimization, conversion rates, and personalization.


A blog about online payments, marketing and e-commerce advice.


Global e-commerce blog that shares online retail trends.

Pixel Union

A collection of merchant stories and industry insights to help e-commerce stores to start and grow their online business.

Practical Ecommerce

Provides in-depth articles and listings to help e-commerce sites to succeed in online marketing.

Presta Shop

Covers e-commerce tips and advice, e-commerce in general.


As a shameless plug, we encourage you to check out the rest of our blog!

Quick Sprout

Neil Patel, the founder of the blog, shares e-commerce marketing strategies and business advices through his blog.

Referral Candy

A blog about e-commerce referral marketing. There are also in-depth articles and case studies included.


Mostly covers articles on e-commerce customer retention and optimization.

Search Engine Land

A leading daily publication that covers all aspects of the search marketing industry.


Useful tips related to conversion optimization and online marketing in e-commerce.


Thoughts and informative articles on e-comemrce SEO, social media marketing, optimization and paid marketing.

Ship Station

Covers articles related to shipment process of ecommerce sites.


You can find anything related to ecommerce on the blog of Shopify. Ecommerce trends and tips, tools for ecommerce entrepreneurs, advices for first time ecommerce site owners, creative marketing ideas, optimization and so on… It should be one of the sites that should be followed daily.

It’s a blog of Mastercard mostly related to payment solutions in e-commerce.

Smart Insights

Smart Insights is a marketing strategy blog that shares articles mostly related to unpaid channels like content marketing, optimization, email marketing and social media. The founder of the blog – Dave Chaffey – is also one of the key experts to follow in e-commerce.

Smart Marketer

Ezra Firestone is one the leading experts in ecommerce world and in his companies’ blog – Smart Marketer -; he shares videos, blog posts and podcasts mostly related to online marketing of e=commerce sites.


Spyfu is a software as a service that shows yours and competitors performance on Google Adwords and SEO. In their blog, you can find articles related to PPC channels, SEO and keyword optimization. Quick solutions and in-depth tutorials parts are also should be seen.

Store Growers

Who doesn’t want to increase their number of customers? Dennis shares his experiences related to growth in his blog.

Sweet Tooth Rewards

Loyalty is one of the factors that e-commerce sites keep an eye and Sweet Tooth Rewards is one of the best resources in loyalty programs and customer retention.

The Future of Commerce

The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce is a great destination for relevant and timely information and analysis on commerce topics, both consumer-facing and business-to-business. The purpose of the site is to keep its readers ahead of the commerce trends with daily updates that are informational, educational and entertaining.

Trinity Insight

Trinity Insight is an agency that helps companies with eCommerce, digital marketing and customer experience needs. They cover useful articles related to digital marketing, SEO, data and user experience in their blog.


Covers articles related to landing page and conversion optimization.


Volusion’s e-commerce blog – Ecommerce Insights – is an industry-leading e-commerce design and marketing blog providing entrepreneurs and small business owners useful information, resources and inspiration to establish and grow their online businesses.


Anything you want to learn related to e-commerce paid marketing, SEO and content marketing too.



Covers articles related to customer support, design, marketing and product management.


Covers free dropshipping tips and resources to grow your business.


Anything related to email marketing.

The Raven

Anything related to SEO, marketing and UX.


Great eCommerce resource full of tips, guides, case studies and information.


Anything related while creating your online store, e-commerce marketing, useful resources, SEO tips.

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