How to Sell on Google Shopping?

How to Sell on Google Shopping?

July 27, 2022

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What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a comparison shopping platform that allows retailers to advertise their products to searchers in a visually appealing way. 

The goal is to create an easier way to access research purchases, and information about products, their features, and prices. Also, it provides easier connections between sellers and shoppers.

Reaching the right users who shop with the right products is the main goal of Google Shopping.

Its features like advertisements help you to increase the quality of your leads. Shoppers are looking for informed product visuals and qualifications, attention-keeper ads, and your product page with the aim to purchase.

As a retailer, this is an important opportunity to reach the right customers who are looking for what you’re offering. Basically, Google Shopping lets you reach those customers that already know what they’re looking for. It gives them an easy way to find your products in the search results.

The main advantage of Google Shopping is being able to attract customers who’ve already looked for the purchase goal. 

In other words, Google shopping is a conversion-increasing place. It offers you various options for specific searches.

How to Start Selling on Google Shopping?


  1. Google Shopping Merchant Center

    Start with opening a Google Merchant Center account. It is possible for you to share all kinds of information about your products, online store, and quality here. 

    Actually, the procedure is quite simple. Where you can also log in with your Google account, most of your information will already be transferred quickly. It is also possible to quickly match your products with Google Ads from here. 

    In other words, Google’s channels integrated with each other are made to make everything easier for you to promote and sell your products. All you need is to take the first step and get started.

  2. Uploading Products 

    After setting up the Google Merchant Center account, it is time to upload your products. First of all, you should include the information that most accurately introduces and highlights your products. 

    So, when consumers search, aim to come across people who want to buy exactly your products. It is also very important to use the right keywords. Being visible in searches that are similar to your product will increase your sales rates. 

    Continue with optimizing your data feed, and add an image that reflects the features of the product well and of sufficient resolution quality. This will make your job easier.

    Product display on Google Shopping's dashboard

  3. Track Product Performance

    It is possible to see the performances of the product from the Merchant Center in the performance reporting section. This feature will also be valid for Google Ads and free listing. 

    Thus, evaluating the interaction of your products and determining your strategies in this direction may be your next step. 

    For example; you can increase the price of high-performance products or apply various campaigns. Knowing these statistics will help you eliminate the undesirable consequences and take firm steps. 

    You can also focus on low-performance products, stop selling them, or make them more accessible by making discounts. Proceed with the strategies you have determined.

Google Channels

Thanks to Google Channels, you can easily sync your online store products to different channels. It is very useful that Google Shopping can reach these channels.

Customers from different channels will be proof of the increased visibility of your products. Take advantage of these benefits of Google Shopping.

Best Practices

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads appear in the search. Like a regular search campaign, the ads are shown after a user searches in Google. However, there are no keywords. You show your product title and description of your product data and an appeal of the image. It should be the most sufficient and attractive appearance possible in the advertisement.

In Shopping Ads, Google shows the ads based on your product data. Google takes data from the product feed. Google reads through the title, description, and other useful data present in the feed and decides the search analysis.

Boost Higher Traffic and Volume

By keeping an eye on the competition, with the provided visibility from Google Shopping features, your online store will gain extra traffic and further volume. 

Boosted CTRs will also help to increase the number of users visiting your website and products. What CTR means is the click-through rate and it is related to the ratio of users who click on a specific link which can be your Google Shopping product to your website.

Reflect this increased traffic and volume to both your short-term and long-term goals by doing a good Google Shopping analysis and adopting effective pricing strategies. Think big and succeed.


The fact that you can sell your products at the right and perfect price gives you so many advantages over your various competitors.

Make good use of the analytical data that Google Shopping provides. Increasing the prices of the products that are on the rise, applying discounts, and keeping your prices dynamic rather than fixed should be the most logical choice you should apply. So your goals will be more attainable this way.

Track your competitor’s pricing, turn the visibility increase of the online store into an opportunity and sell at the most fitting prices. Prisync will provide the best help for you on pricing strategies for sure. 

Google Shopping Free Listing

Google Shopping’s free listing gives a great opportunity for online retailers to drive traffic for free. It utilizes a massive, new space to improve your online store adventure.

Whether you’re already running paid ad campaigns on Google Shopping or not, free listing on Google Shopping has many benefits. Consumers can filter and compare products and be directed to the sellers. Think that your products appear here for free, thus attracting the interest of plentiful potential customers.

Smart Shopping Campaign

With Smart Shopping campaigns, products can show across all Google properties. Users who search or benefit from content can see products where they are and whenever they want.

Help more customers find your products online and in-store with Google’s Shopping campaigns. Thus, the audience you reach will increase and the visibility of the products will increase.

Improved Sales, Larger Profit

Want to know what is the most searched and popular? Use Google Shopping Analytics to learn in detail what works and what doesn’t.

You can make comparisons using competitive analysis and adopt the sales and pricing strategies that best suit your online store. Thus, you can observe that your sales and profits increase in the long run.

With the number of successful views in the search engine, your product reviews will increase sharply. The more visitors to your website, the more chance to improve your store’s success, profit, and visibility.

And the greater number of qualified leads will appear in your analytics which I mean with lead is that what Google Shopping aims to give you as expressed in the beginning. Reach the right customers who are close to the buying process and shop with the right products.


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