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Content Marketing: Main Source of E-Commerce Traffic

The e-commerce market has cutting-edge competitiveness in its nature. So, it becomes crucial to cover every area of marketing for e-commerce businesses. Content marketing is one of the main marketing strategies that e-commerce businesses adopt. It creates a successful, reachable and intimate business image while increasing conversion rates and getting the attention of potential customers. Let’s start!

Content is what drives traffic in the first place. The fifth need while searching online is educational content. Once you put it out there it will stay there forever and will keep on driving more traffic to your website. Your content marketing is good for a million things in your business. Your brand awareness is one of them. Creating a sympathetic brand image can be achieved through quality content. You can establish an intimate or successful image through your content marketing. Your language can be friendly or respectful according to your customer type.

SEO is very important for your conversion rates to increase. This can be achieved through content marketing. You can have your blog posting important aspects of your services. If you are selling clothes and you want to let your customers know that you are selling organic material for your clothes you can create content about the benefits of wearing organically produced clothing or how organic clothing prevents global warming. It is up to you to create your brand’s image through these features of your services.

Content marketing helps your customer targeting to become a lot easier. If you are providing services for vegans you can create content that will catch their attention. Let’s say you are selling vegan food. Your customers would like to learn some new recipes to enjoy all the food they are buying from you. You can actually catch the attention of vegans who are not your customers yet. They will surely be looking for some recipes at some point and you will be there to assist them. Your content will help you to build your audience. Also while you are sharing those recipes a tiny link to buy the ingredients from your website couldn’t hurt. This way you can increase your sales much more quickly.

Now while starting to create a strategy for your content marketing there are a few things you need to think about. Your content should show all the important aspects of your business. Your main strengths should be on them. You need to specialize your content according to your customer and their needs. Meanwhile, you are creating content aim for virality. People should want to share your content with their friends. Be interesting and new with your content.

You have started creating your content and opened your blog. You need to make sure your headlines will catch the attention of your customers. Using power words like “Grow Your Business in 6 Steps” or “Top 10 Trends to Follow This Year!” Share your excitement and feelings through that headline. Get them excited and curious. Intriguing people is a good start to get them to read your pieces. You can play with people’s expectations as well. Here the headline does not say too much about the content but it can get you curious. The content is about customer engagement and how they receive your business image and campaigns. But why not play with it a bit? Try to be creative. You can find great things with nice whimsical touches. Look around you will notice many of those around. Subscribe to a few blogs and learn from them. You can start with our blog as well 🙂

Your content is not restricted to your blog. There are product descriptions, web pages, weekly e-mails. A fun and successful approach to improve your content is gamification. Interactions will increase and so will your conversions. Your product video can involve a videogame or you can have 3D display specialized for your product. You can even place QR codes on your products to provide them with interesting games, content or loyalty badges.

Being up-to-date is very important to drive traffic to your traffic. So what is better than an already established traffic about some content? Top hashtags can be an interesting route to take. If the hashtag is about hating Valentine’s Day why not create an online contest around it. Give people a chance to express their thoughts on that. You can ask them to take a video or a photograph that shows how boring Valentine’s Day can be or what are doing with their time without their valentines. Have some fun with your customers and engage meanwhile. This will enhance your brand image in a positive way as well.

Using visual aids to improve your content is a good approach to increase your conversions. In today’s world, people enjoy watching videos, scrolling through an overflowing news feed and doing all these very fast. So it becomes harder to catch their attention. This is where visual aids come to the rescue. Creating interesting product videos can be more effective than providing people with a list of good features of your product. You should still have them of course but some people will choose to watch a video over reading product description any day. Also using interesting visuals in your content can be helpful for you to get noticed in a crowded newsfeed. Using contrasting colors or flashy images will increase your chances.

Your content marketing should be like clockwork. You need to segment your areas and create topics to discuss. You should have a document to put these together with their social media publishing. You can specialize in time to post them as well. If your audience is corporate people you should take into account their work time or you can specialize according to social media platforms as well. There are many articles online that you can find the busiest login moments on Twitter or Facebook. Also, work out a calendar for yourself. In content marketing, it is important to post new articles periodically. You need to make sure there is frequently new content created. You might want to hire someone for dealing with content creation and have them follow your editorial schedule as well.

Outsourcing for content marketing can also be a good approach. Having guest bloggers and also guest blogging yourself can help both your and other people’s business. This can let you meet a whole new group of potential customers. This will also build new links that are good for SEO. You can also A/B test your content to find the most engaging post types for your potential customers.

Content marketing will help you increase conversion rates, build a bigger audience and polish your brand image. In order to have a successful strategy, you need to have an editorial calendar, an enthusiastic team, and interesting content. Your business will experience many good things if you go down this road. Give it a chance and thrive on your sales.

Content marketing is one of the keys to success in a cutting-edge competitive environment like the e-commerce market.

Good prices are another key element to have a successful e-commerce business.


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