Make Your Online Shopping Painless With Google Shopping’s New AI Features

Make Your Online Shopping Painless With Google Shopping’s New AI Features

July 12, 2023

When shopping for clothes online, it can be difficult to determine if a particular item will fit properly. However, Google has developed an AI tool that can help solve this problem. By using images of real models of varying sizes and skin tones, the tool allows customers in the United States to virtually “try on” women’s tops from hundreds of brands. 

To create the tool, Google trained it using accurate model images and its Shopping Graph. During the photo shoot, the company identified sizes across several brands according to sizing charts. Now, when you see a “Try On” badge next to a clothing item, you can click on it to access a list of models to scroll through. Since two people can wear the same size but have different body shapes, the tool features 40 female models for every shirt, ensuring that you can find a model that closely resembles you. 

With the AI-generated versions of clothes, you can see how they drape on your body and get a better sense of how they might look on you. Once you find a model that you feel represents you well, you can save them as your default model. Google’s tool is a convenient way to “try on” clothes online and make more informed purchasing decisions.

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How Retailers Can Benefit From Google’s AI Feature

According to research by Google, 42% of online shoppers do not find suitable representitive model images, and 59% have been unsatisfied with a purchase because it looked different to them in reality. Additionally, Google has added filters to its AI and Shopping offer to assist users in finding cheaper alternatives or similar items in different colors or prints.

So, if you are an online retailer selling on Google Shopping, you should adopt what statistics lead you. Since ecommerce is very crowded and competitive, tracking competitors to beat the cheaper alternatives and letting your customers know your range of sizes, colors, and types of products with the help of new features such as AI is very effective in boosting sales.


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