New Prisync Feature: Quick Filtering

New Prisync Feature: Quick Filtering

September 13, 2019

Based on our feedback from our users, the filter is one of the most used features to break down the products according to certain criteria like the products that you’re in the cheapest position or the products that have any price change, etc.

Based on this information, we decided to enable our users to save the filters they build once so that they don’t need to build the same filter again and again.

Our new feature will help you save lots of time for filtering products with a single click.

How to create a quick filter?

The quick save option will appear after you start applying a filter. For example, in the filter view below, we filtered the products that we’re in the cheaper position and you can see “save quick filter as” button in the red box:

Quick Filter Setup

Then, you’ll see the pop up on your page:

Saving the Filter

With this pop-up, you can give a name to your quick filter and save it. It’s also possible to edit a current quick filter from this pop-up with the second option on it.

Lastly, you can also reach your saved quick filters from Quick Filters section and switch to any of them. In case you’d like to delete a quick filter, you can just click the little “Delete quick filter” button and it’ll be deleted from your saved quick filters. Deleting a quick filter doesn’t affect your product information, it’ll just delete the filter view.

Quick Filters

We think that this new functionality will be helpful for all Prisync users, especially for the ones that use the filter frequently.

We’ll continuously keep adding such new features to Prisync to meet our users’ needs at the best possible level. So, stay tuned for the upcoming updates!


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