Magento Extension: A Step-by-Step Guide for Prisync

Magento Extension: A Step-by-Step Guide for Prisync

April 12, 2018

In this blog post, we’ll explain how to integrate your Magento store with Prisync step by step. You’ll find all the required steps to install the Magento extension and to manage it at the best level to get the most out of this integration.

After the Installation of Magento extension

After you install the Magento extension and import the products that you want to track with Prisync, you can get back to your Prisync account and go to the products page and the view below shows how it looks like after the import process is done:

After you get your products into your Prisync account, the next step you need to take is to add the specific product URLs from your competitors for these products. At this point, I’d like to remind you that the number of competitors you can track with Prisync is unlimited. So, you can add as many competitor URLs as for a specific product. For this specific action, you can either use add URL button that is placed under every single product, or you can also use batch import function that is placed on the top to add just new URLs to the existing products. Once you complete adding competitor URLs, we’ll start gathering the pricing and stock information for these URLs in a few hours, so no worry if you don’t see the results immediately on your dashboard.

See the screenshot below, it shows how your Prisync account looks like once we gathered pricing and stock information from your competitors, by the way, please note that we have 4 times update cycle in a day.

As you can from the image above, for 8 different competitors, we’re demonstrating all the competitor pricing information and comparative results. As you might see in this image, we have also the product costs. it’s not your sales price, it’s your internal product cost and this information is needed under Dynamic Pricing Module to set your pricing rules based on your costs and your competitors’ prices.

Once you hit this point, installation & import process & adding competitor URLs, as the last step, you need to set up pricing rules under Dynamic Pricing module. Please check this blog post to see all the details of Dynamic Pricing Module. Once you set your pricing rules, thanks to our extension, we’ll change your prices on your Magento store 4 times a day after every update cycle according to the Smart Price suggestions of the system.

To sum up; Prisync extension on Magento marketplace helps you connect your store to Prisync. Thanks to this connection, you can directly import your products from your Magento panel and our system can change your prices automatically based on the rules you create under Dynamic Pricing Module.


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