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Magento Extension: Prisync is Fully Integrated

Today is one of the exciting milestones for us as we’re introducing our Magento extension integration to all of the Magento community. Yes, that’s correct, Prisync’s Magento extension!

More than 400,000 websites around the globe actively use Magento as their E-commerce platform — powering over $100 billion in annual revenue according to Magento.

In fact, recent 2018 data from BuiltWith shows Magento powers 4% of E-commerce websites across the entire internet, 7% of the top million websites, and 10% (10,000) of the top 100,000 websites.

Now, Prisync is seamlessly integrated with the most popular e-commerce platform, Magento, and this really brings a lot of advantage to Magento users that want to track their competitors’ prices in a breeze.

The Magento extension helps Magento users directly import their products from their Magento panel to Prisync and most importantly, this brand-new integration helps Magento users change their prices automatically based on the rules that they create under Prisync’s Dynamic Pricing Module.

In a nutshell, Prisync turns into a dynamic repricing engine for Magento users and we’re really thrilled about it! And we’ve had a lot of positive feedback that most of the users are also excited to get their hands on it.

And don’t worry about which version you’d like to use. We’ve covered both M1 and M2 extensions which you can find below.

If you have any questions or difficulties with the integration, feel free to reach us from the live chat button on our site and also on our comments section down below. We’re always ready to help you further on your needs.

Have a seamless Magento & Prisync integration today and please let us know how your experience went with it.


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