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Prisync Product Update: Bulk Data Management

According to the feedback from our clients and based on market research, on average, Prisync users have 7.4 times more data in their accounts compared to our competitors’ users. And yes, we do monitor our competitors too 😉

The reason for this data increase started after enabling clients to track an unlimited number of competitors for free, we observed that the amount of data in the accounts have dramatically increased. This in return, has to lead to difficulties in data management within growing accounts.

Today this difficulty is dramatically reduced with our newest product update.

So, here it is.

Managing your data in bulk is available!

~ Prisync Team

Thanks to our customers for stating their issues, the all-ears customer success team, and the collaboration & implementation of the product development team, you can modify your data much faster and easier.

Below are some of the ways you can use this latest feature:

  • Remove products in bulk ( a group of selected products or all products )
  • Remove a specific competitor completely
  • Change brand & category names with a few clicks
  • Edit all product information from a single screen

If you’d like to check the details of this feature, read the Manage ( Bulk Actions ) article.

Start organizing data in your account and save even more time from managing & monitoring your prices to make better pricing decisions.

Stay tuned for more in the following weeks and thank you, everybody, for the feedback!


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