Prisync Shopify App: A Comprehensive How-to Guide

Prisync Shopify App: A Comprehensive How-to Guide

November 19, 2018

Hey Shopify users, are you ready to learn how to use the Prisync app for your Shopify store? Just take a cup of coffee or tea 🙂 and keep reading to learn more about Prisync’s new Shopify app and it’s capabilities.

A brief intro to Prisync & Shopify

Prisync is a competitor price tracking service and dynamic pricing engine for all sizes of e-commerce companies from all over the world. Thanks to our brand new Shopify integration, you can track your competitors’ prices and change your prices dynamically based on your competitors’ prices, your costs, and your target profit margins. This would, of course, help you increase sales and keep you very competitive in your market.

How to install the Prisync app?

To install the Prisync App, just visit Shopify app store and search for “Prisync”. Then, you’ll easily find our page:

Then, you can go to Prisync’s page and click “Add app” button:

Then, our app will ask you two permissions to build this integration, you can accept them and click “Install App” button:

After this step, you’ll land on to complete your setup. On this page, you’ll see that your email address is already set according to the email address of your Shopify account. So, all you need to do is to set a password for your Prisync account and complete the registration process:

After this step, you’ll be taken to your Shopify account again to give one more confirmation for automated monthly charges. You’ll be confirming that Shopify will charge you $129 per month for the Prisync app if you don’t uninstall the app during the free trial period which is 14 days. If you uninstall the app during this free trial period, no charge will occur or you can still uninstall the app anytime you want even if the free trial is over. Then, the charges automatically stop.

How to use the Prisync app?

a. Competitor Price Tracking

After this final confirmation, you’ll land on your Prisync account to import your products automatically from Shopify to Prisync and that page will look like below:

On this page, you can select the products that you’d like to import to Prisync and then click the import button on the bottom right corner of the page. Then, these products will be automatically imported to your Prisync account and you can go to the products page from the top navigation bar and see your imported products:

Now, you can add your competitors’ URLs for these products with “Add URL” button under every product. Then, it’ll look like below:

From this point onward, we’ll set everything up for you and the first results will appear in a day and then all the data will be updated 4 times a day automatically.

b. Dynamic Pricing

After it’s all set for the tracking part, now we can walk through dynamic pricing part of this integration. In the image above, you see an information, called “SmartPrice”. This is a calculated optimal price based on the dynamic pricing rule that you could set up under the Dynamic Pricing module. ( see it on the top navigation bar of your Prisync account )

For this example product, we set up a rule like below:

Based on this rule, the system automatically finds the optimal prices and shows them as SmartPrice on the top right corner of every product card. The magic starts at this point as you can automatically reflect these SmartPrice suggestions to your online store. All you need to do is to visit the settings page of your Prisync account and check Shopify settings. ( My Account > Settings > Shopify Settings )

If you set the second option (Do you want to set your prices automatically 4 times in a day by Prisync Repricing Engine) to Yes, then SmartPrice suggestions are automatically set as your own prices in your store after every update cycle of Prisync.

If you set the first option ( Do you want to keep your products synchronized with Prisync ) to Yes, all the new products that you add to your Shopify account, will be automatically imported to your Prisync account. On the other hand, if you remove a product from your Shopify account, it’ll be also removed from your Prisync account and this is also valid for edit, they’re also synced.


  • If you’re frequently adding new products to your Shopify store, it’d be better to turn off auto-sync. So, you don’t see all the products in your Prisync account but you can just import the ones that you’d like to track with Prisync. To import new products, you can follow the steps below:
    • go to the products page
    • click batch import
    • click start import from the top right corner
    • select the third option which is “Add Products from your Shopify Account”
    • select the products you’d like to import and click the import button from the bottom. The products that are already in the account will be seen as gray out.
  • If you decide on using our app for your store, please don’t start your subscription from Prisync’s user interface as all the payment related things are done by Shopify and they charge you for our app on monthly basis.
  • To have the full connection between Prisync and Shopify for the products you’re tracking, they should be imported with the method explained above. If you add the products manually from Products page, then you can’t change your prices automatically for these products. Just the competitor URL should be added from Products page.
  • After your select and import the products to your Prisync account, you can again use batch import functionality to add the competitor URLs to these products in bulk instead of adding them one by one. You can follow the steps below to add the competitor URLs to existing products:
    • go the products page
    • click the batch import button
    • click start import from the top right corner
    • select the second option which is “add new competitor URLs to my existing products”
    • download the special template from “Download your product list” option
    • fill that template’s competitor URL columns with the competitor URLs without changing any information from the first 3 columns of the template
    • save it in Excel and upload from that window
    • map the Excel columns with Prisync fields – don’t forget to map competitor URL columns – and click Import
  • If you have already a Prisync account and if the email address of that Prisync account is the same email address that you use for your Shopify account, please do let us know before you install our app because you can’t have two different accounts with the same email address on our system. Then, we can help you during the installation process to overcome this little friction.


To wrap up, Prisync’s Shopify app helps you track your competitors’ prices, change your prices automatically according to the dynamic pricing rules you could set up. If you’d like to take advantage of this app, you can install and start using it immediately. In case you have any question, you can also reach us by the live chat on our site,!


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