Samet Atdag


Samet Atdag; co-founder and chief technology officer, plans & leads Prisync’s product development roadmap. In cooperation with Prisync’s business and technology leaders, Samet examines the product’s current situation and inspects emerging concepts, new frameworks & technologies that could develop Prisync’s engine’s existing capabilities.
According to this ongoing research, Samet defines roadmap directions and shares them with the product team & C-Level executives.

In addition to Samet’s core responsibilities, he is also dealing with the tech community & university collaborations. He is actively using social media to engage with the community through tweeting on twitter.com/sametatdag

About Samet Atdag

Before co-founding Prisync in 2013, Samet Atdag attended Istanbul Technical University in 2003 where he studied Computer Engineering. That was followed by M.Sc at Galatasaray University in Computer Engineering. Currently, Samet is a Ph.D. Candidate in Complex Systems in Bogazici University Computer Engineering Department. Parallel with Samet’s academic life, he also worked for several companies in Turkey as a software engineer and experienced working in Silicon Valley for a while.

In 2013, Samet published his academic knowledge on “A comparison of named entity recognition tools applied to biographical texts,” for the 2nd International Conference on Systems and Computer Science with Vincent Labatut. After that, in 2019, his second article “Computational Models for Commercial Advertisements in Social Networks” with Haluk O. Bingo was published. Besides Samet’s academic works, he also plays a significant role as one of the spokespersons of Prisync. He attended various technology & business events and made speeches to share his experience as a software developer, manager, and entrepreneur. Samet’s speeches are a mixture of his technical background and experience as a business person. As one of his many speeches, in 2019 he made a “What we learned from scraping 1 billion webpages every month” presentation at the PyConDE & PyData Berlin Conference which was a brief note from what he learned & applied from/to Prisync Engine’s daily price crawling routine.

Samet Atdag with his 15 years of field and 10 years of senior management experience, decided to create side projects to encourage the developer community in Turkey. In 2019, he started to host Prisync’s tech-content channel called PrisyncLabs. Through this online representation, Samet Atdag reached more than 10.000 tech-curious people. He continues to give speeches at tech events and attends podcasts & videos to share his point of view, and the know-how of Prisync’s Development Team with the community.

Today, he continues to work on developing & scaling & sustaining Prisync’s engine and technical capabilities. Also takes part in administrative duties with co-founders; Burc Tanir and Neslihan Sirin Saygili.

You can contact Samet through