Prisync is a fully-automated E-Commerce MAP Monitoring Software for all sizes of brands from all around the world.

Quick & Easy Implementation

You can start MAP Monitoring for any product or any market in minutes without any technical integration or setup.

Frequent Price Updates

Forget the norms of conventional market research! Prisync delivers near real-time data from the market multiple times a day.

Complete Market Visibility

The fresh e-commerce market data can be accessed in many forms including our web dashboard, email alerts, Excel reports.

Why Prisync?

Conventional market research or manual data gathering simply does not work for brands in today's dynamic e-commerce landscape. Prisync's full automation and flexibility let any brand in any industry or country to automate their MAP Monitoring. Here are 3 reasons that makes Prisync the go-to MAP Monitoring software in the global e-commerce market:

  • Top-rated customer care

    We know that even the most easy-to-easy software is incomplete with a great customer support team. Our customer support is the most-reviewed and by far the best-rated customer support within our industry according to Gartner's Capterra directory.

  • Near real-time data from the market

    We redefine how market research is conducted with our fully automated pricing intelligence engine. Brands enjoy access to near real-time price updates from the market instead of analysing weeks-old data provided by conventional market research companies.

  • Affordable & flexible subscription

    The cost-efficiency of our fully automated engine fuels our mission to cater all sizes of brands selling their products on e-commerce markets worldwide. We provide unmatched service for monthly flexible and affordable subscription plans that can be cancelled, upgraded or downgraded at any time.


You can't afford not to track your online
prices automatically.

In a market where retailers compete heavily on price, your products or your competitors' similar products can be sold at various dynamic price-points that makes it a must to monitor the market closely. Prisync's full automation lets you achieve this at scale for all your products in any country.

How Prisync Works?

Road to a fully automated MAP Monitoring journey:

  • Input the list of the products and online retailers to be monitored

    You have the full control over the data that you track and monitor within Prisync. Firstly, you'll define the list of your products and their online listings across your online resellers.

  • Track and analyze online prices in web dashboard

    The price-points for all the product listings will then get automatically updated multiple times a day and be analysed on Prisync's easy-to-use web dashboard.

  • Receive actionable alerts and reports from the market

    The automation that Prisync provides is not limited to its web dashboard. Automated e-mails are sent in case of price changes or MAP violations to enable rapid actions.

Loved by 100s of brands from all around the world!

Prisync is the most-reviewed and best-rated Pricing Optimization software in the global market according to Gartner's Capterra directory. Below, we selected 3 testimonials from brands that we proudly serve. You can read more reviews and testimonials from here.

Prisync is great because you don't have to monitor the online prices all the time manually. You win a lot of time and you get an alert email whenever there's a breach in prices.
Jenne Verledens - Saey Home & Garden
Excellent software for keeping an eye on pricing. Pros: Ease of use, and excellent customer service, nothing seems to be a problem for them, always quick responses.
Roger Cobb - John Packer Ltd
As a main distributor of GoPro and DJI, we use Prisync for checking the price levels on the market. The most important thing is being able to check the price history of our retailers as a report. It is really good to know that the team is ready in any problem or in need of help.
Gokhan Topsakal - DJI & GoPro

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does MAP Monitoring mean?

    MAP stands for Minimum Advertised Pricing in retail. Strategically, brands can plan their online pricing strategies in way that they can deliver their goods to their customers at consistent price-points across multiple channels. Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Monitoring is the act of monitoring all the online product prices across these online channels to identify fluctuations and the dynamism of the market with 100% transparency.

  • Do I need a MAP Monitoring Software?

    If your brand is being sold by your direct or indirect resellers and if you want your consumers to experience standard and consistent prices across the market, yes, your brand needs a MAP Monitoring process in place. Considering the typical online operations of a brand, it's nearly impossible and inefficient to run this process manually by checking all the online reseller websites. So, Prisync is a must-have tool to run a must-have process for you.

  • What's unique about Prisync's E-Commerce MAP Monitoring Software?

    Prisync is not a market research agency that collects data via conventional/manual data collection methods that provides unactionable data in standard and not-so-updated reporting formats. Prisync is a fully automated, self-service software that enables brands of all sizes within the global e-commerce market to easily run their own comprehensive market research and MAP Monitoring.

  • Does Prisync's MAP Monitoring Software cover my country or industry?

    Yes, indeed! Prisync can monitor prices for any product from any industry in any given online reseller in any country. We don't rely on a certain dataset that has been populated and restored, but instead, our fully automated engine works fully on-demand to gather near real-time data thanks to its flexible architecture to offer our users a tailor-made MAP Monitoring experience without any leaks in market data they need.

  • Do I need any technical implementation or setup before using?

    Not at all! Prisync's self-service structure lets our users to launch their accounts in minutes and receive their first fresh reporting in just a few hours without any technical integration or setup.

  • Can I try Prisync's MAP Monitoring Software before subscribing?

    Yes! We offer a 14-day free trial for all our monthly plans so you can try Prisync's MAP Monitoring software with its full functionality live in action for your brand before subscribing for one of our monthly plans.

Still have a question? Reach out to us: info@prisync.com