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How Marintek Expanded Pricing Control

Marintek case study

About the Client

Meet Marintek! They’re an importer and distributor of nature sports products for almost 20 years in the market. Since they were found, the focus was on diving equipment products only, today they’ve expanded to marine products and cycling as well.

Marintek was aware of having more products for different use cases so they’ve started working with GoPro in 2010. Since then, they’re the solemn distributor of GoPro in Turkey.

As you might guess, drone usage is getting quite popular these days in nature sports. So, they’ve started working with DJI to supply DJI branded products in the market.

Gökhan, account manager at Marintek, helped us understand their story with Prisync.

Marintek prisync case study
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Before using Prisync

Gökhan from Marintek explained his issue specifically before they’ve started using Prisync.

“We were in need of knowing our resellers’ prices in the market. As we sell our products to a lot of different stores, it isn’t always easy to see what the pricing level of our resellers have in the market. That’s why we wanted to have automation. Before Prisync, we were mainly checking our resellers’ prices manually from the internet but it was so time-consuming. Apart from this, we also tried to use price comparison websites but the problem with that was you could only track the stores that were listed there, not covering all our stores so this was a huge limitation for us”.

For the suppliers, this was a common case. They’re supplying the products to the market and it’s tough to have the pricing information from their resellers and this is where Prisync came to the rescue.

After using Prisync

We asked Gökhan why they’ve chosen Prisync and he gave us two major reasons.

  1. Being able to see historical price data. “Having historical price information of our resellers is really useful for us and we were not able to do this without Prisync”.
  2. Being able to track any website.”This is also one of the most powerful sides of Prisync, their automation helps us track any kind of websites regardless of their infrastructure. We simply upload the URLs and Prisync handles the rest”.


Marintek was satisfied using Prisync and they’ve leveled up their pricing control in the market dramatically.

Thanks to Prisync, we’re now able to manage our pricing operations much more effectively. The only thing we need to do is uploading our URLs and monitoring our prices. Prisync really helped us save tons of time.

Gökhan / Account Manager at Marintek

In the end, Prisync’s supplier module helped Marintek improve their operations, pricing strategies, and control over the market.


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