How Partywinkel Used Pricing Optimization

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Challenges: Competitive Market
Solutions: Smart Pricing Optimization Formulas
Key Metrics: More Than 23K Products


Partywinkel started ten years ago, literally in the basement of the other owner’ as Patrick Noij says. They were receiving a couple of orders in a day and delivering them with their cars. And then, through the years Partywinkel kept growing and moved to bigger offices five-six times in total.

“What we could do, what we like is purchasing, selling items, and marketing.” Partywinkel started in the basement but now it is grown to be the biggest party supplier in the Netherlands and Belgium. In the last three years, they saw some opportunities for baby products after the founders become fathers. With the extra time and money they have been saving, the founders started to grow the company on baby products, too.

“ We make sure that we use our margin in the best way with a competitor tracking tool. Checking if some competitor is doing really crazy prices is an important issue. Putting a formula for not selling too high and too low with Prisync is really helpful. In the end, we are really happy customers. “

Patrick Noij | Partywinkel

After Using Prisync

Patrick states that: “The tool gave a lot of advantages on pricing optimization. The most important one is that we can control our margins better. What we do is build around formulas. We export Prisync’s overview and your template and then give some extra formulas around that. Making sure that we use our margin in the best way with the competitor tracking tool helps a lot. We also check if some competitor is doing crazy prices. Putting a formula for not selling too high and too low with Prisync is very helpful. In the end, we are really happy customers.’

Additionally, Partywinkel checks dashboards and the matching parts with their competitors’ pricing. They get a direct overview of which competitor is the biggest one. The company also looks at the overview of which prices are the cheapest ones, cheaper competitors, and those levels.

“ The overview of which part we are doing well helps. Everything is going well for us. We are happy with contacting Gorkem and running smoothly. It is also nice to have Whatsapp contact because sometimes it is harder to quickly communicate by email.“


Why Prisync?

“Because there was a lot of competition. We were using another competitor of Prisync but our relationship was not that good. There were a lot of mistakes in the account. With Prisync, it worked easier and it was cheaper. It was easier to fix issues.”

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