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Uncover competitor prices

Our price checking software allows you to search your rivals’ prices in each product, category, and brand you choose to compare to. See all competitors you specify in one dashboard.

Turn stock-out information into an advantage

Whenever there is a product out of stock in competitor stores, our price comparison software displays it in the dashboard and allows you to act upon it.

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"Prisync is a super awesome tool to automate & streamline price checking process for the thousands of products we carry on."

William T.
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Stay in control of your pricing strategy

Our software sends daily reports and price change notifications to help you stay on top of your master pricing plan. Align your prices with your business strategy.

  1. 1. Analyze
  2. 2. Strategize
  3. 3. Optimize

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Prisync is the most-reviewed and best-rated price checking software and price comparison software in the global market according to our customers.

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