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Secures your loyal customers from drifting to others by defending your price matching policies.

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protect store prices with price matching and price optimization software
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Match or beat competitor prices

Our price matching software gathers your competitors’ price information and adjusts yours accordingly. Specify who’d you like to track and we’ll handle the rest!

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Improve profit margins

Whenever there is an opportunity to increase profit margins, our price optimization software automatically adjusts your prices while making sure you’re still competitive.

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"Makes checking prices for products super easy. Completely automated. Saves many hours."

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Build customer loyalty

Our software helps you build customer loyalty by enforcing your price matching policies. The only guaranteed way to fulfill your price matching promises to customers.

  1. 1. Check prices
  2. 2. Match prices
  3. 3. Protect customers

Pricing for Prisync

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URL Based Competitor Monitoring allows you to add competitor URLs one by one or simply in bulk per product.
This path is recommended for store owners who tend to have a less dynamic competitor listing.



per month
Up to 100 Products



per month
Up to 1000 Products​



per month
Up to 5000 Products

Channel Based Competitor Monitoring allows you to stay up-to-date
with competitors by keeping a particular focus on specific sales channels.



per month
Up to 100 Products​



per month
Up to 1000 Products​



per month
Up to 5000 Products

* API access will be charged for an extra 20% on top of your monthly subscription fee.

** Competitor matching service is available to order.

*** Need to track over 5000 products? 💬 Start chatting for your specific use case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Price match policy is an excellent way to increase brand loyalty. It focuses on matching the price of the same product to your competitors. For example, if your competitor has a low price on a specific product, you will lower the price or at least offer the same price. Prisync offers you to stay competitive and increase loyal customers by optimization software.

Prisync’s price optimization software automatically adjusts your prices while making sure you’re still competitive and create many opportunity to increase your profit margins. Our pricing software helps you build customer loyalty with price matching policies. Secure your market place at the best price. So this way you can market and invest where your audience’s attention is.

You can target your audience better by price matching policies. By tracking the competitors, prevent the costumer from making purchases from other stores with the Prisync software.

It's easy to be a spy now. Because Prisync is very good at reporting pricing and stock availability for your online store without missing any details! It is enough to determine your products and the competitors you want to follow. Continue to sell your products in the way that best suits your pricing matching strategy. Move forward in the competition by staying more successful and profitable with Prisync.

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Companies and brands from more than 50 countries already use and trust our price matching & optimization software.

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