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Gathers price & stock availability information from around the web by using its AI-powered engine.

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Reveal competitor prices and stock information

Our price scraping software collects competitors’ prices and stock information for you. See your rivals’ prices in a single dashboard and never miss a price change.

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Pinpoint Rivals

Uncover competitor strategies

Observe historical price data to reveal patterns in competitor behavior. Uncover their long-term strategies and develop data-driven counter-strategies.

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"It has the right possibilities to scrape our competitors website."

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Improve profitability and efficiency

Make data-driven pricing decisions for improved profitability and increased efficiency. Let the software automate the process while you’re focusing on important decision-making.

  1. 1. Frequent updates
  2. 2. Price indexations
  3. 3. Data-informed decisions

Pricing for Prisync

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URL Based Competitor Monitoring allows you to add competitor URLs one by one or simply in bulk per product.
This path is recommended for store owners who tend to have a less dynamic competitor listing.



per month
Up to 100 Products



per month
Up to 1000 Products​



per month
Up to 5000 Products

Channel Based Competitor Monitoring allows you to stay up-to-date
with competitors by keeping a particular focus on specific sales channels.



per month
Up to 100 Products​



per month
Up to 1000 Products​



per month
Up to 5000 Products

* API access will be charged for an extra 20% on top of your monthly subscription fee.

** Competitor matching service is available to order.

*** Need to track over 5000 products? 💬 Start chatting for your specific use case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Price scraping software provides you data( basically your competitor's product prices) by automating the process, so it helps us to take analytical steps.

Prisync's price scraping software will help you make data-driven decisions. Build your pricing strategies on solid principles and decision. When you move forward with solid steps and visionary decisions, you will realize that your online store is developing with solid steps.

Because making data-driven pricing decisions will be easier for your business. Prisync software leads you to take steps for improved profitability and increased efficiency. The software can automate the process while you’re focusing on other tasks.

Price scraping software automatically turns your competitors' product pricing into a size sheet. This provides great convenience. Instead of doing this important tracking job manually, do it quickly and reliably with Prisync.

Closely tracking the price strategies of your competitors will give you a great advantage. Continue your sales with the best price that suits you by making analytical decisions with Prisync reports. Thus, increase your efficiency and the profit of your store in the long run by staying ahead of the competition.

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Online stores from more than 50 countries are enjoying their automatic sales and profit margin boost with Prisync’s price scraping software.

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