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Finds and checks price changes around the globe by using its well-behaved robots.

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robot price watcher software and price crawler software

Monitor competitor prices with no effort

Our price watcher software collects competitors’ price information and displays all in one UI. All you need to do is to observe the data to reveal your rivals’ long-term strategies.

Beat any competitors’ prices

Be the cheapest in any product, brand, or category you specify. Beat anyone’s prices without spending a minute on price tracking or repricing, let our price crawler tool handle the work.

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"This saves time scrawling the internet manually and means that we can just log in to one portal and see a summary of our price positioning at any given time."

Katy W.
man beats competitor prices

Start selling more at improved profit margins

Flexible prices will help you immediately adapt your strategy to the changing conditions of the market. Whenever there’s room, dynamic prices the software sets will improve profit margins without underlying your competitiveness.

  1. 1. Watch over prices
  2. 2. Set strategies
  3. 3. Win pricing wars

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