Repricing Software

Adjusts your store’s prices automatically by criteria specified by you according to your business goals.

No credit cards or contracts required.

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Set flexible prices

Our repricing software shows you where your prices stand in the market, detects competitor price changes and adjusts yours immediately, making sure you’re always ahead of the competition.

Profit more while staying competitive

Our software explores different price points based on the rules you specify, allowing you to improve profit margins whenever there’s room while making sure your prices are still competitive.

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"We receive daily email alerts when competitors change their prices, which allows us to react accordingly."

Bertie C.
Ecommerce Director
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Save time for important decision-making

Making data-driven and efficient pricing decisions takes too much time and effort. Automate the process and save yourself and your team time for important decision-making.

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  3. 3. Optimize

Trusted by more than 700 brands and stores worldwide!

From SMBs to large multinationals from more than 50 countries rely on Prisync’s repricing software to put their prices on auto-pilot for both profitably and competitiveness.

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