Shopify Success Stories

Shopify Success Stories

November 23, 2022

As we all know, Shopify is one of the biggest ecommerce platform that millions of successful brands from all sizes use to build their online stores.  Shopify offers a variety of features to help business owners grow their customer base, raise sales, and maximize revenue. It seems to be the reason that many online retailers favor it over alternative platforms. The possibility of success on Shopify remains attractive. It’s an ideal platform for ambitious merchants since it offers them a simple setup process. 

Shopify success stories from popular businesses and top Shopify stores have been shared many times, and they are incredibly motivating. From these Shopify success stories, we may learn a lot.

Let’s check five exceptional Shopify success stories that will inspire you.

  1. Allbirds
allbirds shopify

Cofounders of the footwear brand Allbirds are engineer Zoey Zwillinger and footballer Tim Brown. They prioritize using natural materials and sustainability. The founders of Allbirds set out to design a comfortable running shoe with a minimal carbon footprint. The business employs environmentally friendly products.

Products from the company are incredibly well-liked. Especially with consumers that care about the environment. In addition, it has one of Shopify’s greatest designs and is one of the top stores overall.

Allbirds’ products are known to be the world’s most comfortable shoes. But they have to be as comfortable for its customers as well. Also, their customer relationships and sincere support is shown as a key to success. Step by step, Allbirds makes its products more visible by using omnichannel business, ship to customer technology. They use inventory management a breeze with their Shopify POS for retail business. Moreover, it enables Allbirds to multiply the checkout systems it could use and where it could use them.

  1. Meow Meow Tweet
meow meow tweet shopify

Business and life partners Meow Meow Tweet was founded by visual artists Tara Pelletier and Jeff Kurosaki.

Also, their organic vegan skincare business recognized for its products manufactured from natural materials. It has ecological packaging and uses Shopify to sell and distribute its products. 

Meow Meow Tweet provides a bulk refill program to decrease packaging and waste. They have an option for customers who would like to return their empty containers for reuse. In addition to supporting the organizations that share same beliefs creates a strong relations.

When making subsequent purchases, they advised buyers to buy the product in bulk. So they could try it first and preserve the environment.

Let’s say, if your customer turnover will go down, you make it easy for clients to make additional purchases at your ecommerce site. Client churn is the leaving of a customer after one or two transactions. Also, this was a good business strategy to build up a strong customer relationship.

  1. FashionNova
fashion nova shopify

The fashion-led site Fashion Nova has undergone a steady climb up in the list of Shopify’s most popular fashion brands. It was founded in 2006 by Richard Saghian.

Fashion Nova sells affordable clothing and accessories. In addition, the company is using Shopify software to manage its shipping, customer service, and inventory operations.

The brand creates user generated content on its social media. That helps to boost the user engagement. This way, the brand can reach the right audience through social media platforms. Furthermore, by crafting content that is related to its target audience, the brand stands a chance of bringing in more customers.

Also, Fashion Nova adds images of its clients to promote its products. It creates more useful and appealing content. Making it more accessible and less inaccessible to the users. It also serves to show the fashion products in real life situations. Given that they offer products for all shapes and sizes.

  1. Gymshark
gymshark shopify

Ben Francis founded Gymshark in 2013. At first, it started as a success story, with a garage and only a sewing machine. People are working out a lot and purchasing their products. Gymshark organizes several gym challenges . These facts increased the brand’s visibility and made it easy to reach the target audience such as fitness lovers. Due to this approach of being sincere and straightforward, Gymshark was able to bring success to the name.

In fact, serving a custom theme and delivering a product that meets your customer’s exact needs fueled Shopify’s success for Gymshark. Knowing your audience and meeting their wishes is a good strategy to implement in a such competitive environment.

  1. Secom
secom shopify

The online store of Secom started 3 -4 years ago. It was launched on a custom platform. After that it moved to Shopify. Secom has three different categories of products: The main category is Supplements like vitamin C, vitamin D, and etc. 

Besides that, Secom also sells Cosmetics from different brands & manufacturers. Also, it sells teas. This year, Secom is planning to sell more products by extending our categories.

Secom used automation to stand out in the rough competition of ecommerce. Additionally they gained 20% growth over the last year on their Shopify store. This is a very impressive achievement. You can check out our case study with Secom to check the details.

To sum up, becoming a successful Shopify store need these following steps:

  • Have a specific theme or aesthetics for your store & brand.
  • Use clear photos and product descriptions.
  • Easy page navigation
  • Be a fast problem solver and customer friendly
  • Create content & blog for your Shopify store
  • Know, listen & care about audience
  • Be in the competition with your rival’s on Shopify

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