How Secom Enlarged Market Control With Prisync

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Challenges: Increasing Competition and Growing Market Share
Solutions: Automation and Smart Pricing Strategies
Key Metrics: 20% Growth Over the Last Year, 13 Major Competitors


Lucian Boca worked at a price comparison tool before Secom. In March of 2021, she started to work for Secom. Currently, Lucian is responsible for selling Secom’s own brands and the brands that they import. 

The online channel of Secom has been around for about 3 or 4 years. It was launched on a custom platform. In March, it is moved to Shopify. Secom has three different categories of products: The main category is Supplements like vitamin C, vitamin D and etc. 

They import these supplements, but they also have a brand named Good Routine for Supplements. 

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Besides that, Secom also sells Cosmetics from different brands & manufacturers. Also, it sells teas. This year, Secom is planning to sell more products by extension our categories.

“ Before Prisync, we had an excel, we were doing all the job manually.  All the trends are automation now. We cannot do this manually anymore. Prisync is helping us on this. “

Lucian Boca | Secom

The Market in Romania

The market is still very young in Romania. There is a lot of room to grow. Secom have seen these, year over year. 

Comparing other European countries; Romanians are aware of the benefits of healthcare products & supplements. They’re starting to adopt supplements to their daily healthcare routines. 

The Competition in the Market is very tight. Mainly, other brands & pharmacies are launching their own brand of supplements. Since the market is growing, they want a piece of the pie. 

Online, Secom has about 13 major competitors. Before Prisync, they had Excel and did all the jobs manually. 

After Prisync

Secom uses Prisync as an importer & distributor but does not check Prisync every day. They have a certain price policy. The policy is not to have very low prices because the competitors are buying from Secom since they are also a distributor. ‘ If we sell too low, this will hurt our business.’ as Lucian states.

Also, Lucian shared: “We mainly use Prisync to see how the market goes and what is the medium price of the product we sell. In the future, we may use Prisync for establishing a price policy based on the market. When we want to change the pricing strategy, this tool will help us on that. “

The best part of Prisync for Secom is the dashboard & the reports. Because it is really important for Secom to scrape real-time price changes almost anytime and build a price strategy on this.

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