6 Techniques that Prove Your Pricing Strategy Is Good

6 Techniques that Prove Your Pricing Strategy Is Good

April 13, 2023

E-commerce stores try to capture their target customers’ attention by applying and testing various pricing strategies. But finding good prices might become a long and overwhelming process from time to time. The question is, what is the best way to determine that online stores offer good prices?

The answer to this question depends on your business goals, production costs, target customers, competitors’ prices, and the economic conditions of target markets. To test whether you offer a good price, continue reading this article!  

Let’s explain six techniques that prove your pricing strategy’s effectiveness.

1.Prices Should Reflect the Value of Your Products

The value you offer is one of the primary factors customers keep their eyes on. You should always ensure that the products you are selling offer value. If not, you cannot make any sales. After making your customers perceive that your products are valuable and worth buying, you need to offer prices that back the value. 

If you price your products without considering your product’s value, you can diminish your brand image. Ensure that your pricing offers the weight behind your products. But finding your customers’ perception of your products might only sometimes be possible. To solve it, you can put yourself in the customer’s position and try to understand the value they might give to your products. 

2.Prices that Consider Competitors’ Pricing

Pricing your products without knowing your competitors’ prices is a huge mistake. One of the first steps in determining a pricing strategy is to do market research, including identifying your target customers and tracking your competitors’ pricing.

If you price your products by ignoring competitors’ prices, your prices might not be effective as you would assume. Competitors’ pricing should be of utmost attention because you and your competitors are creating the dynamism of e-commerce pricing. Even if you decide to apply a premium pricing strategy, you again should track and be aware of your competitor’s prices. You can follow your competitors’ prices on autopilot with price tracking tools.

3.Prices that Cover Costs

You should only price your products with an idea of how much your costs are. Ensure that you combine your production cost with your pricing strategy. Then, you can get a realistic idea of how much profit you can make. 

When calculating your costs, make sure you include the following:

  • Production Materials
  • Labor
  • Shipping & Transportation
  • Overhead Costs

If you price your products while ignoring one of the cost components above, you should adopt your pricing strategy. A good price lies between covering your costs and maximizing your profits after a purchase.

4.Prices that Meet Customer’s Willingness To Pay

Fundamentals of pricing meet in finding your customers’ willingness to pay. Determining customers’ willingness points is somewhat undetectable. But when you offer a good price, it always meets customers’ willingness to pay. If finding it for your business is challenging, you can start testing different price points to observe the change in customers’ actions.

But, if you hesitate to make frequent price changes, you can conduct customer surveys. Ask customers directly how much they are willing to pay for your products. Then gather your survey findings and feedback while deciding your pricing strategy.  

5.Prices that are Adjusted with Current Economic Conditions

From time to time, your costs might change due to fluctuating economic circumstances. During these periods, your prices will have to change to stay competitive and keep making a profit. Most industries are affected by economic, social, and political changes, and inflation might significantly hurt lots of e-commerce stores. For this reason, you should adopt your pricing for inflationary periods

If your pricing strategy is not adjusted for possible economic fluctuations in your target markets, that means your pricing strategy is not practical. You can change your pricing strategy to suit your business best while offering higher profit margins.

To improve your pricing strategy, determine which economic conditions or events affect your supply and demand. You can watch the news and plan your new pricing strategy with your team. You might need to change prices to protect your business from potential losses. 

To make customers process price changes, you can explain the reason for the price change. Then, you can keep your loyal customers in your store.

6.Prices that You Test All the Time

Finding a good price point might only be possible some of the time. Today your pricing is excellent because you make lots of sales. But this is not the case for tomorrow since e-commerce is a fast-changing market. That’s the reason why price testing is essential.

You need to test your prices frequently to be effective and offer you the profits you seek. To make a price test, you can explore new pricing strategies aligned with your business goals. This is especially important to find the right price point for your products. 


Ensuring that you offer a good price is essential in e-commerce. We created this article to help you understand that your pricing is effective. You can follow the techniques we have explained above and improve your pricing strategy for a better version.  


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