Meet the AutoMates | Automation Will Bring You Success in Ecommerce

Meet the AutoMates | Automation Will Bring You Success in Ecommerce

by Prisync
July 1, 2021

Do you know what’s one thing that brought many companies success? The power of automation.

When you think of automation, time and cost savings come to mind immediately. But it’s so much more than that.

It can give you fresh and accurate data and help you leverage it in the most meaningful ways. It can help you merge several technologies and get the most out of your budget based on your business’s goals and needs.

Knowing what we know as a SaaS vendor operating for over 8 years, we came together with 5 SaaS vendors who also believe in the power of automation, and built AutoMates. As of 2021, we’ll be working together on raising awareness around the necessity of automation in the ecommerce industry.

On June 30th, AutoMates’s first virtual gathering was held. We discussed why and how ecommerce companies must leverage automation to survive the neck to neck competition, and how to prioritize what to automate.

And there were some great ideas to share with you, everyone! You can watch the event’s recording any time. But before, let’s take a look at what our experts said!

On marketing platforms

Shiva at Refersion talked about what affiliate marketing platforms can bring to your business.

Automate Marketing Platforms

On fulfillment

Kevin from ShipBob explained how you can leverage automated fulfillment network when going global.

Fulfillment Automation

On customer relationships

Chris from Gorgias illustrated how automating processes in customer relationship management will reflect positively on your sales.

Customer Success Automation

On email automation

George at Omnisend talked about the ways email marketing software can help you strengthen your relationship with customers.

Email Marketing Automation

On pricing automation

Our CEO, Burç explained why pricing automation is necessary for survival and how it can improve your businesses profitability.

Pricing Automation

On conversion optimization

Juliana at Omniconvert talked about the low-hanging fruit CVO method and how you can make it work.

Conversion Optimization Ecommerce

Parting Words

Let us know what you think about the first of our gatherings and stay tuned for the next one!


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