Guest Blogging: Contribute to Prisync’s Blog

Guest Blogging: Contribute to Prisync’s Blog

July 13, 2016

Want to contribute to Prisync’s blog?

At Prisync, we want to deliver high quality, insightful, engaging content to our 10K subscribers and 14K monthly visitors. A great majority of our subscribers are small business owners looking for the latest e-commerce trends, actionable tips on running and growing a small business.

Here’s what you need to check before submitting your draft.

  • Blog is unique. We’re running your content through plagiarism checkers, and we will not publish unless it’s original.
  • The topic hasn’t been covered on our blog. Please check out the topics we’ve listed to make sure your topic is not covered on our blog yet.
  • Content is not promotional. Promotional content does not match our tone, therefore we won’t be able to publish it. If you’re going to mention your tool directly, make sure to also mention at least 3 of your main competitors.
  • All outside information, quotes, visuals, statistics, research, etc.—anything that’s not your opinion—are properly attributed.
  • Pricing is our area of expertise, so most pricing related topics are already covered. Unless it’s an in-depth blog, pricing related topics are less likely to be published.
  • The blog is over 1500 words.


  • Include at least two images—feel free to add more—with proper attribution.
  • We do not accept stock images or images irrelevant to the topic. Screenshots, graphs, videos, social media posts (tweets, Instagram posts, etc.) are highly encouraged.


  • Two links to your website are allowed in the body text.
  • Reference links are highly recommended, but only to high authority websites.
  • We do not give links to product or service pages.
  • Try not to add links to the first paragraph.


  • Try to attract readers immediately with an attention grabbing introduction.
  • Avoid long paragraphs, divide paragraphs every 100 words (maximum).
  • Avoid business jargon and long sentences.
  • Please refrain from keyword stuffing.


  • Prisync reserves the rights to edit, repurpose, republish or remove all content published on its platform.
  • Once published on Prisync’s blog, contributors cannot publish their content elsewhere.

Please fill out this form and let’s get this started.


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