6 Tips for Using Video Content on Your E-commerce Site

6 Tips for Using Video Content on Your E-commerce Site

August 11, 2021

E-commerce is one of the growing industries over the past few years. Thanks to the ever-growing technology that makes access to the internet easier, people can shop right from the comfort of their home. 

If you happen to be one of those who run an e-commerce business, you know very well that today’s competition is fierce. With so many e-commerce sites available on the market, people will only choose and stay with a brand that’s familiar to their own liking.  

It can be super challenging for you to win an audience if you’re new to the market. This is why you should consider using a different marketing campaign to help you generate visitors and customers. 

Fortunately, there’s one marketing strategy that actually drives sales to your e-commerce site. It’s called video marketing, a tactic that utilizes video content for capturing attention and convincing the audience to enter your sales funnel. 

Why Should You Use Videos for Your Site?

According to a study by Cisco, over 82% of this year’s internet traffic is video content. This data suggests that most internet users love consuming this form of content compared to traditional blog posts. With this in mind, you already know what content format you should be making from now on. 

When you make content that people love, it’d be easier for you to introduce your brand and deliver your product message to the audience. Since they are already accustomed to watching online videos, learning your business through commercial videos won’t hurt them. If anything, they’d be more eager to watch your video rather than reading a post with the same message. 

Moreover, it’s revealed that more than 46% of customers decide to purchase a product right after watching a branded video. They feel a connection from the story you’ve brought through the content. Thanks to the added sounds and appealing visuals, video content has become a great tool to bring storytelling to life. 

Adding compelling video content, such as explainer videos, to your eCommerce site helps visitors find the information and engage with your brand quickly. They won’t need to scroll down reading pieces about your business that takes a longer time. 

To put it into perspective, let’s consider some staggering facts about video content for a business.

  • Visitors who watch videos are 1.9 times more likely to check out their cart and make a purchase.
  • About 52% of customers say that watching product videos adds to their confidence when purchasing an item.
  • Four times of customers prefer watching a product video to reading a product description. 

These statistics sound promising as they show how important video content is for an e-commerce site. Not only will it help visitors find the information fast, but it allows you to generate more potential customers from the very beginning. 

How to Use Video Content Properly in Your E-commerce Site

Right now, you can find video content on almost every platform on the internet. Whether it’s a business channel or government platform, video content helps visitors get information smoothly. 

Tell a story with videos

Since e-commerce sites are everywhere on the internet, some people may find it hard to distinguish a brand from one another. When you’re a shopper yourself, you will understand their perspective in choosing the best e-commerce site to make a purchase. This is why a background story is needed to make your brand stand out among the crowd. 

So, what should you do to display the narrative to your audience? 

Blog posts may have sounded great in the past. Today, it’s not relevant to the current trend. People won’t spend time reading a post about your brand when they can watch a video instead. That’s why using video content is effective in telling a captivating story. 

With videos, you can evoke the audience’s emotion by displaying heartwarming visuals and soothing sounds right from the get-go. Using thought-provoking narration can also hook their attention quickly, leaving the audience with a good first impression.

Video Content Ecommerce Store


Make an enticing product video

Every business should have its product videos to help customers learn the product details in a timely manner. So, they won’t need to go through a complicated, hard-to-understand product description just to know the details. 

Making a product demo video is a helpful, thought-out technique that every company needs to implement right away. That’s because a written product description may be too technical for some people to understand what the feature is all about. 

With videos, however, you can showcase the mentioned features by showing its images and run a demo right away. Your potential customers can learn the details way faster, leading them to consider buying your product in a matter of minutes. 

Moreover, you can entice potential customers who just entered your marketing funnel with no intention of making a purchase. When a product video is that good, even new leads may consider purchasing your item next time because they have learned how impressive your product is from the video they have watched before.

Incorporate how-to videos

If you search through YouTube or type down a query on the search engine, you’ll find many suggestions when entering a how-to phrase. In other words, how-to or tutorial terms are one of the most sought content on the internet. 

How-to videos help you generate a surge of traffic as more people look for tutorial content for their needs. Having how-to content is essential for a brand. It helps the audience solve their problem through a quick, and oftentimes entertaining video that they can access from their devices. 

Especially when you run an e-commerce site with tons of products shown on the platform, it’d be helpful to include how-to videos to show your customers the best, suggested way to use your product. Presenting this form of content will not only draw your target audience to be interested in your product but also generate a new audience who seek problem-solving guidelines.  

Video Content


Make user-generated video content  

You must have heard this phrase a million times: as seen on TV. This term deliberately shows that the actual product you buy will look like what it’s shown on the television ads. The thing is that not every delivered product looks the same way as it’s advertised.

No matter how good and professionally made your product video is, some customers won’t quickly believe the true appearance of your product when they purchase it online. Sometimes, they see a branded demo video as overly polished content with the purpose of attracting more customers. 

That’s why you need to make content that answers their concern. 

A user-generated video is great for showing the potential customer of the actual product from their perspective. Since many customers trust more on this type of video content, you may begin to selectively choose product videos uploaded by customers on social media. 

You can curate their videos then compile them together into one customer-made content that visitors can have a look at when considering a purchase. This way, you’ll convince more potential customers to begin a brand journey with you. 

Use video as testimonials

Testimonials are key to your business longevity. People rely on displayed reviews to consider whether they want to move forward getting into the brand journey or not. They see testimonials as the first gate when deciding to make a purchase. 

A business with bad customer reviews can’t sustain longer. It can’t convince a new audience, let alone survive in a harsh competition. That’s why it’s crucial to provide good service to customers as their words work like wonder. 

So, when you’ve collected numbers of satisfied customers, don’t waste time making three or four liners when you can make a whole video about it. Use testimonial videos to entice a new audience to try your brand.

With testimonial videos, you can leave a great impression on your first visitors or potential customers who may just consider using your product.  

Create interactive videos  

Since video marketing tactics have become even more popular among business owners, you need to work harder to produce engaging content that attracts visitors. Many business owners have done every video marketing on this list, except one that is an interactive video. 

This video form isn’t as popular compared to tutorial videos that people can find everywhere. It’s time for you to make good use of this content format. 

Your visitors can make a quick decision with an interactive video. Insert a call to action that people can click the button right away. Since interactive video content is entertaining and exciting to watch, it allows potential customers to choose while watching the video at the same time. 

Having interactive videos is a great marketing tactic. You can show a product to your audience and let them make a decision without leaving the content.


There are tons of e-commerce sites that people can find on the internet. With these broad options, some people have a hard time visiting and buying an item of their needs. 

As a business owner yourself, you need to think of an effective marketing strategy to attract the audience to visit your site. Video marketing is great for capturing attention and leaving a good impression on your audience. 

There are many things you can do with video marketing tactics. Make video content that engages with visitors and attract them to enter your marketing funnels. How-to videos are great for introducing your brand, hence making good content for your top of marketing funnel. On the other hand, testimonial videos are excellent when you need to nudge your leads to consider buying your products. 

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