Cosmetics Ecommerce: What Businesses Need to Know

Cosmetics Ecommerce: What Businesses Need to Know

June 15, 2016

The cosmetics sector has an upward trend of growth and considering its ecommerce integration it seems like it will grow even more. Online retailing of cosmetics and personal care is a popular sector and ecommerce businesses utilize social media, offline marketing events, YouTubers, blogs, and more to create more conversions, and engagement and build their brand awareness.

Cosmetics products are essential to consumers and they occupy a big part of the market. It includes skincare, health, personal care, etc. It reaches out to various segments of consumers with different ages, genders, or locations. According to Statista’s report, skincare products make up the biggest part of the cosmetics industry all over the world. It is followed by hair care and makeup. Only in the U.S., the revenue of the cosmetics industry is over $56 billion. Hair care products represent the biggest share of the beauty industry. When it comes to ecommerce the revenues in the U.S. reach about $19 billion. P&G is the leading company in cosmetics, with over $29 billion in 2014. China’s cosmetics industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

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Cosmetics ecommerce takes place in many forms and ecommerce businesses find new ways of marketing them every day. Customers care about the quality of cosmetics products and in terms of makeup-related products, they prefer to try them out before buying. Hence the many product consultants we come across in the malls. A new way of translating the need for beauty consultants into an online experience is using YouTubers or bloggers for reviews. YouTubers such as this example provide their audiences with product reviews and give them information regarding its use, special features and they also give advice regarding which people’s complexion is fit to use the products. Since users are more eager to watch videos than to read product descriptions, this works out fine. As a cosmetics ecommerce business, a good step to take in order to increase your conversions and customer engagement online would be to set up a YouTube account for your business and create your audience or work through YouTubers and utilize their already existing and segmented audience. As we have mentioned earlier here, YouTube marketing is a powerful marketing tool for ecommerce businesses and it is best for cosmetics ecommerce as well.

Another way of increasing your conversions in cosmetics ecommerce is to utilize mobile apps. As you already know, mobile ecommerce is a vastly growing part of ecommerce and cosmetics apps are a great way to increase your conversions. An example of this is the app YouCam MakeUp app. It is an app that allows you to try different kinds of makeup by using your mobile phone and its camera. This fulfills the needs of an audience that wants to learn which colors are good for her complexion and have fun with it. As a cosmetics ecommerce business, an app that fulfills these needs while introducing your latest products in different colors can help you out. And we would like to remind you that in cosmetics ecommerce mobile smartphone penetration rates are high.

Social media marketing is a great way of creating new opportunities for your business. You can build new audiences, introduce your products, engage with your customers and have a lot more conversions. As we mentioned earlier, online contests are a part of your marketing strategies which work great through social media. An example of that is NYX Cosmetics. Every year, NYX Cosmetics holds an online contest that involves many of the social media channels. It is called the NYX Face Awards. The contestants provide videos of different makeups and how they are done. After they pick the top makeup videos, they provide them with a makeup kit of their products. Our earlier example of a YouTuber guzellikvebirece was one of those contestants and as you can look at it from her channel she had to provide the video with the NYX Face Awards name. After she got her makeup kit, she also provided an unboxing video and commented on the NYX products. This kind of ad campaign has gotten people to engage actively, introduced many types of products, and created buzz online through many YouTubers.

Near field communication or in other words NFC labeling is a way of labeling products. At the #Beauty20Awards event in 2015, many speakers were present and one of them was about NFC labeling. Product packages with NFC labeling are a way of providing more content. Customers can use their Smartphones to scan the labels and reach them. A cosmetics ecommerce company can utilize this feature in their own products if they are manufacturers as well. You can provide them with how to apply the product videos, special promotions, etc.

Cosmetics ecommerce is a wide area for any ecommerce business to dive in and there are many methods of becoming the best. You can utilize social media, online contests, or YouTube and Youtubers to become the top ecommerce website. Good luck to you all!

Cosmetics ecommerce is a growing industry, and it holds many opportunities.

Good prices are big opportunities for your business to thrive.

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